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game of offense, not

game of offense, not defense like my mother taught me. Taking risks today is the way to eliminate risk, but you have to take risks at the right time. Your daddy’s advice was to always play defense with money. To get rich, you have to learn to be on offense most of the time, not defense. Wealth knows no age or sex, and it doesn’t care about your story—it shows no sympathy and has no feelings. It listens to no god. There is no age too young or too old: anyone can play the game, but you have to play the game of wealth on offense. “If you are going to be unhappy, be as rich as possible.” To win at the game of money, you have to be on the field as an offensive player first. Later, once you are way ahead in the game of money, you can play defense. If you want to get rich, you can’t stay on defense or be a spectator, and you need to have a strategy. All that being said, it has never been easier to get rich than it is today and never more important. Just last year, 500,000 households in America became millionaires. Are you ready to get rich? I am one of those people who figured out how to create wealth. I have become a millionaire hundreds of times over. I am telling you this to inspire you—you can do this. The wealth I have created was not because of my education; I totally wasted that. It wasn’t because of my connections; I destroyed them all. And it wasn’t because I was lucky; I have never been one of those. I also didn’t take a company public or create some cool invention or some fancy app. You hold in your hands information that will show you how to make and accumulate millions of dollars, even hundreds of millions of dollars. I would tell you this 15

ooklet could make you a billionaire but I haven’t done that yet, so I will only make claims to what I have done for myself and for others. I only ask you to do three things: 1) Keep this booklet in your possession until you become a millionaire. 2) Share it with a friend. Here’s the link: 3) Once you get yours, help others do the same. “Getting rich is mostly a game of offense, not defense.” 16

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