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to reach up, not

to reach up, not sideways and not down. If you don’t change your surroundings, you will not make it! Make a list of people in your city that are super successful, on the move, who are interested in personal growth, active in charities, who invest time to improve the quality of their lives, and are not just complaining all the time. These are the people you should surround yourself with. I am one of those people. My wife, my kids, and the people who work at my companies are all committed to improving ourselves and helping others be the best they can be and achieve financial freedom. People committed to success want other people to be successful. People committed to the status quo want to be surrounded by the status quo. If you don’t have the kinds of people around you that you want, go get them. One way to find the right people is to continue investing in yourself. Go to conferences, meetings, join mastermind groups, and network marketing groups. Don’t spend time and money on things, toys, holidays, or moments, invest in the surest investment of your life – YOU. When it comes to your self-improvement and education, spend whatever you must. If you must borrow money to make yourself better—do it. Remember you are not just trying to pay the bills anymore, you are playing to become a millionaire, even super rich if you want. Find the technologies that can help you unleash the real potential in you. When you implement these eight simple steps, I can promise you a few things: 1) It will be harder than you think. 2) It will be easier than you think. 3) You will achieve way more than you imagined possible. In case you are wondering, can anyone get rich? I don’t 41

know if anyone can, but I doubt just anyone will pick up this book and even fewer will keep it with them every day. I know you can make it if you simply do what is laid out here. Remember to keep the Millionaire Booklet in your possession until you reach your first million away—and when you do, make me the first person you contact. Your friend, Grant Cardone 42

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