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Sustainable Living 20. A

Sustainable Living 20. A simple five percent increase in organic material (compost) quadruples the soil’s ability to store water. 21. Plants will do best if they are well suited to your growing area. Take some time to read up and choose plants accordingly. 22. Keep garden vegetables from getting dirty by spreading a 1-2 inch layer of mulch (untreated by pesticides or fertilizers) around each plant. This will also help keep the weeds down. 23. Water your garden in the early morning to conserve moisture loss and to help avoid powdery mildew and other fungal diseases that are often spread by high humidity levels. 24. If you’re short on space, garlic, leeks and shallots make excellent container plants. They tend to have few insect or disease problems and don’t require much room for roots. 25. Over watering is worse than under watering. It is easier to revive a dry plant than try to dry out drowned roots. STEEL STRUCTURES GARDEN & STEEL WENDY ROOF-IT 20 YEARS IN THE INDUSTRY STEEL STRUCTURES GARDEN & STEEL WENDY HOUSES 016 421-3748/9 Fax: 016 421-3757 Cell: 082 905 9978 Cnr. General Hertzog & Pou Street, Peacehaven Pitch tiled Patio Roof/ Carports CARPORTS AND CORRIGATED IRON ROOFS DIY CARPORTS 3X6 / 6X6 CARPORT WITH FASCIAS CARPORT DOUBLE ROUND 6X6 STANDARD DOUBLE CARPORT FLAT ROOF 24 April 2018

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