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Health & Beauty Hairstyles in seconds Looking to try a new hairstyle, but the mornings are too much of a rush? Try this simple, easy to do style The Pin up Half-do : Step 1: Place top portion of hair in ponytail Step 2: Section off portions of hair on side & top and fold over pony-tail, pin in place with hairpin Step 3: Continue with step 2 working your way down and forward. Step 4: Rock your new hairstyle 32 April 2018

HOME REMEDIES Effective skin tightening remedies Castor Oil Very effective to a number of skin problems. Should be massaged on face every night before going to bed Cucumber Its juice soothes and refreshes skin. It helps in hydrating skin & keeping skin moisturized Green Tea Green tea has many health benefits. More & More people are consuming it to stay fit. Banana Rich in iron, mashed ripe banana can be used in skin tightening. Mash a ripe banana & apply on your face & neck Yogurt Yogurt face masks are widely used as a natural remedy to tighten saggy skin. Tightens skin & brings a natural glow to the face April 2018 33

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