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Camp Dynamite Counselor Brochure

Make a difference in the life of an inner city child or teen! Read now to find out how.

How can I make a

How can I make a difference? You can make a difference in the life of a child or teenager by being a Camp Dynamite counselor! You will spend one week with a small group of kids who need you. You will be their mentor, coach, advisor, and mom or dad from the moment you meet them on Sunday afternoon until the moment you return them to their parents on Friday evening. Your main purpose will be to see each camper make a decision to follow Jesus Christ. What do we do at camp? Counselors and campers develop new friendships while enjoying various activities at Camp Dynamite, including: ‣ Exciting Bible classes and chapels ‣ Creative and performing arts ‣ Swimming, basketball, and other sports ‣ Interactive life skills lessons ‣ Arts and crafts ‣ Eating! ‣ Having lots of fun! Camp Dynamite is conducted at Potomac Park Retreat and Conference Center in Falling Waters, WV, only 75 minutes from Washington DC. You will stay in an airconditioned dormitory-style or motel-type room with your campers. How do we get to the campground? On departure Sunday, staff and campers meet at Anacostia Gospel Chapel (1217 Alabama Ave., SE, Washington DC 20032) in the afternoon and travel together in vans or buses to West Virginia. We return to the same location on Friday evening. Where do we stay?

What is Camp Dynamite? Camp Dynamite is a popular, highly respected, week-long overnight Christian summer camp for inner city children, youth, and senior adults from Washington DC. Thousands of campers have attended since Pastor Bob and Sharon Mathieu began the program in 1974. In fact, multiple generations of families have attended, as the children of former campers come to camp. The main purpose of Camp Dynamite is to see each camper choose to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Each day is inundated with opportunities for encouragement, positive reinforcement, and spiritual growth. The lives of the campers are transformed and they return home to impact their families and communities. ‣ July 8-13, 2018: Children’s Camp (ages 7-10) ‣ August 5-10, 2018: Youth Camp (ages 11-16) 1. Make sure that you meet all of the qualifications: Are you a mature Christian who demonstrates a godly lifestyle? Do you have a sincere desire to work with children and youth? Are you committed to Camp Dynamite’s main purpose? Are you at least 18 years old? 2. If you answered “yes” to all of the qualifications, complete and submit an application and background check authorization. Call (202) 574- 3053, visit, or email for an application. 3. We’ll contact you for an interview. Everyone who successfully completes these steps will be required to attend one day of leadership training and orientation. When is camp this year? I’m ready! How do I sign up?

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