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Chapter 1 -10- Lord

Chapter 1 -10- Lord wants me to deal with my own problems.” “You mean finding your birth mother?” “Yes,” Tom said. “For years I thought she robbed me of my childhood. But God has changed my heart. I’ve forgiven her. I’d still like to find her, but I’m leaving it in the Lord’s hands.” “That’s good, Tom.” “If I could find her, maybe I would have peace in my soul. Maybe I would understand why she abandoned me. But how will I find her? I don’t even know her name or what she looks like.” “What would you say to her?” “I’d tell her what Jesus did for me.” “That’s a good place to start.” Ruby offered to help find Tom’s mother, and they began a search. Tracing back through the foster parents he’d known, they learned her name through a marriage certificate and a certificate of annulment. But they still didn’t know where she lived. Tom continued to pray for his mother’s salvation, and God blessed the ministry he founded to help those in government. He traveled to conferences and conventions, seeking the spiritual welfare of those in leadership. On one trip, he stopped by to visit his old friend, Ruby, who had a surprise for him. Republished by Witnessing Made Easy 2018

Chapter 1 -11- “Tom! Guess what! I was looking through the obituaries at some familiar names, and among the surviving relatives was a name that appears to be your mother’s. I saved the clipping for you.” Tom was electrified with hope. “She’s in Syracuse? This is an answer to prayer!” From Ruby’s he drove to Syracuse and now, there he stood, outside her apartment, waiting with pounding heart for her to appear. Thirty years of longing were about to be fulfilled. He was praying for the right words to say when suddenly there she was, obviously nervous as she opened the door. In a somewhat shaky voice she said, “Tommy? Is that really you? I thought you would have blonde hair and blue eyes like you had as a baby.” Years ago he would have heaped accusations and blame on this woman for the pain of his lonely childhood; but God had changed all that – had filled his heart with compassion for her. As they talked, Tom shared a little about his unhappy childhood. “I thought you were adopted as a baby,” she said. “Things didn’t quite work out like that. But I’m glad because God worked in a special way in my life.” She listened without speaking as he went on. “I didn’t come to mess up your life, Gwendolyn. I came to tell you that I love you. God has given me a special love for you. Republished by Witnessing Made Easy 2018