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Chapter 1 -14- family

Chapter 1 -14- family was lost, too?” Tom nodded. “They were all separated during the depression, so Gwen was raised in an orphanage. It explains a lot, doesn’t it?” “How did you find her sister?” “It wasn’t easy, but we found her in a state home. She cried and cried when she saw us.” “There’s no end to the fall-out from broken lives,” his friend agreed. “There is with Jesus,” Tom said. “My aunt got saved, too!” Tom and Betty became friends and were married in 1979. Not long into their marriage, however, he began having constant pain in his leg. A tumor was discovered by x-ray, and he was admitted to the hospital for a biopsy. This was a fearful time for the couple who was looking forward to having a baby, but Tom’s faith in the Lord never waivered. A gracious pastor took them in and allowed Betty to stay with them while Tom went through the ordeal of surgery and tests. The pastor asked Tom to visit a teenage boy in the hospital who was dying of cancer. His own spirits low, this was the last thing Tom felt like doing; but when he arrived at the hospital, his room was not ready so he went to the boy’s room, where all the family was gathered around. As Tom tried to reassure the seventeen-year-old, the boy gave him a reproachful look as if to say, “You don’t understand.” Republished by Witnessing Made Easy 2018

Chapter 1 -15- “I do understand,” Tom said. “I too, have cancer.” Then he began telling them about his relationship with Christ, and how the Lord had given him an inner peace. By the time he left the room, everyone there had accepted Christ as their Savior. Tom realized that even with his illness, God could still use him. They were devastated when the biopsy revealed a virulent form of cancer. Surgery was not an option because the tumor was involved with the main artery, so the doctor wanted to start chemotherapy immediately; but Tom and Betty didn’t want to go that route. “God allowed this for a reason, Betty,” Tom said, trying to reassure his wife. The doctor was incredulous. “This is a very rare and aggressive cancer. Treatment must begin immediately.” “We’re trusting in the Lord,” Tom replied. “He has the final say in all this. We want to go home for the weekend to pray and to seek His will.” “You can trust in your God, or you can have confidence that we know what we’re doing,” the doctor retorted. Against the doctor’s advice, Tom went home that weekend. He had no intention of going back to the hospital. Instead, he sought advice on proceeding the healthy way, continued with his ministry, and held a banquet to honor Republished by Witnessing Made Easy 2018