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Independent Workwear

Independent Workwear Solutions Ltd - 0161 620 7900 Page4 WORKWEAR RENTAL Items of workwear worn by engineers, mechanics, welders, construction workers, machine operators, food process workers, catering servers and chefs all require different fabrics and materials. Branded workwear will give the people wearing them a sense of belonging, instilling confidence that they are protected from all environmental hazards, preventing them from contaminating the materials they work with. Independent Workwear Solutions through consultation around any technical requirements ensure all health and safety issues are covered. When using our quality range of managed workwear solutions, IWS offer our customers a complete choice along with flexibility and a service thats perfectly tailored to each individual businesses requirements. The Service you choose to use i.e. Full Service Contract, Garment Only Contract or our Direct Purchase option, we will always measure your employees along with providing provide advice on the most appropriate garment type for your workplace environment. Please read what our list of managed workwear services include: Full service contract Our all-inclusive service includes quality garment rental along with regular laundering. Our high quality garments and full RFID management of garments all at one low monthly charge, this option offers excellent budget control and value for money. Laundry and maintain IWS offer a laundry service suitable for businesses who already own their own workwear or are planning to purchase new workwear from IWS. If you have already purchased your own workwear, IWS will ensure that your garments are chipped up and are suitable for industrial laundering. Workwear only rental This highly advantageous option allows you to reduce your capital outlay and still take full advantage of our Laundry and Maintain service. If required, all rented garments can be laundered on an as and when required basis. Direct purchase Should you want buy your own workwear outright then straight forward Direct Purchase is for you! Simply choose the workwear items you need and take advantage of our Laundry and Maintain service as and when required. Please do not Hesitate to ring one of our Sales Team on 0161 620 7900 Page5

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