8 months ago

Comfortable Madness First PDF 4-13-18

The seatbelt gave way

The seatbelt gave way and I jumped onto the sidewalk. I ran but my feet were too heavy and the air hammered on me. I wasn’t fast enough. Tayla caught me. She grabbed my shirt and tossed me into a yard. Grass jabbed at my back, wet and sharp. “Butter!” Tayla screamed. “Butter! Stop!” Everything spun me, too bright and too hard. Tayla knelt next to me, stroking my face. “Butter,” she said. “You’re okay.” “No.” “Remember,” Tayla said. “Come back.” Gid was there. He stood wrapped in royal shadows. He nodded to me and pressed one finger to his lips. I stood there and stared at him and he came to me. “Do you see him?” I asked. I knew then that he was there to kill me. He was going to tear my heart out. I looked from Tayla to Gid. Gid held out a hand. Something pulled at me. I wanted to go to him. I wanted to run away. “Butter,” Tayla said. “Nothing’s there.” I sat in the grass with my head in my hands. I sat there and moaned and Tayla wrapped me in her arms. “You’re okay,” she said. “No one’s going to hurt you.” She was wrong. She knew nothing. I pulled away. I shuddered, and I closed my eyes. I ground my teeth. Tears burned over my cheeks. Snot ran thick and cold from my nose. I was completely out of control. Tayla took my face in her hands. “You’re okay,” she said. But I wasn’t. My heart thundered under my ribs. I gagged and choked. The world leaned in over me. Light cut into my eyes like ground glass. Tayla held my hands and rubbed my back. Everything spun and dipped. Gid came and stood over me whispering secrets.

“You’re dying,” he said. Spots bloomed and broke in my eyes. Tayla rose. Monsters came. Monsters with long, mean faces and hands large enough to crush my skull. I tried to run again, but Tayla tripped me up. I fell to the ground. “No,” I screamed. “No, no, no.” “Butter,” Tayla said. “Baby. It’s okay.” I fought and the monsters flipped me over. They knelt on my back. They pulled my arms out of their sockets and latched steel bracelets on my wrists. Bones grated. Tendons stretched. More monsters. More words. More people staring. “Don’t resist,” the monsters said. “Hold still.” They stood over me. Sunlight burned away the madness. It burned Gid into a shadow. Slowly, things fell into place. I went still. I breathed and breathed. The cuff’s bite brought everything into focus. “Can I sit up?” I asked. Tayla looked at the monsters and the monsters became cops. They looked like they hated the idea. “She’s better now,” Tayla said. “Are you sure?” one asked. “She’s better,” Tayla repeated. They let me sit up. People gathered to watch. One of the cops turned to the crowd. “Enjoying the show?” he asked. They went away. It didn’t matter. I couldn’t see them through the tears.