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Comfortable Madness First PDF 4-13-18

Burning Sin Pain shaped

Burning Sin Pain shaped my dreams. My wrists screamed as if the bones burned. Something like a nail pierced my feet. A blade of indigo light entered my side under the ribs. Blood washed over my tight, pale skin. I hung in an empty sky. Gid came and stood below me, looking at my face. I couldn’t scream. I twisted and bit my lips. He stared at me and I knew he could have brought me down, but he wouldn’t. “This is necessary,” he said. Necessary? What did I do to need this? He held his hand under me and caught the blood flowing from me and lifted it to his lips. He drank, and I imagined his red stained lips. If I could only see his face, I would have understood this a lot better. Now, though, I hung here and tried to breathe. “We’re burning sins,” he said. Sins? “All you have to do is ask,” he said. Ask? Ask what? Light changed, and the sky folded in on itself turning dark as a bruise. Blind, I rose. Blind, I flew. Somehow, the pain seeped away. Red and green and silver ghosts cut through my eyelids. Somewhere, I heard music. Slowly, I rose out of sleep. I rolled onto my side and puked on the sheets. Memories of the pain, the dream, tingled in my wrists, my feet, my ribs. I sucked wind into my lungs and cried for a moment. He was gone. I was alone.

Awkward Everyone stared at Angie and she stared back, fearless and fierce. Bright pink light hung on her in flowing streams. She was a great goddess of sex and violence. She stood tall in the world, looking down at the rest of us. She moved through the world with a face filled with cruelty and laughter. She was a friend, but not a real friend. She lived on the edge of my life. We danced together. Once, Tayla and I fucked her. A mistake. It made things weird. And now I was shy. I was embarrassed. But here she was. When she found me, she smiled with sharp teeth. My legs fluttered. She came and hugged me. “Hey,” she said. “Hey.” She looked around and frowned. “This place,” she said. I nodded and took her hand. I had to get her out of the hall. She twirled her head as I led her to my room. “I heard you had a thing,” she said. I nodded. “Was it bad?” she asked. “Kind of.” She went to the window and looked out at the spikey green hills on the other side. “This is kind of pretty,” she said. She tapped the glass with a fingernail. “Shatter proof?” she asked. “I guess.” She turned to me. “Suicide,” she said. “Really? Again?” “Sorry.” Pity and a touch of disgust stained her face for a moment.