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Comfortable Madness First PDF 4-13-18

Lines Mornings sucked.

Lines Mornings sucked. Anxiety poisoned everything. Yesterday’s anxiety. Today’s. Tomorrow’s. I lay in my bed, frozen and sad, watching pale blue streamers run from wall to wall. Everything was misty and kind of shiny. Pretty and frightening all at once. Pushing aside the colors, I rose and showered. Water hot enough to pink my skin seemed to scorch the visions from my head for a moment. I scrubbed the night from face and body. Water beat my hair into obedience. My body was all hard and manly lines. Cheekbones stood like stones under coarse skin. A short, Irish nose ruined my whole face. Muscles, too big to be girly, rolled under a layer of soft fat. I shaved my legs and arms, my pits. I peeled the skin raw and I smeared lotion over the burning plane. Slick as a seal pup, I looked like a big man, too strong looking to be a real girl. Memories of the dream scared me. Voices came out of the corners, telling me about the neighbors. The voices told me that Mr. Rothgery, the man on the other side of the fence, was going to kill me. He always made a point of saying hi whenever he saw me, but the voices told me it was all an act. I knew the voices were just voices. They meant nothing. No one wanted me dead, but my head had two parts. There was the part that believed and the part that knew. They fought, working side by side. The noise in my head was brutal and white and sharp. It was too much. I walked through the kitchen. Tayla sat at the table but said nothing. Outside, rain streaked the sky. The sidewalks were dark with water. I waited in the wind and the dream walked with me, there and not there, a hand on the back of my neck leading me to

the curb. I smoked and paced, and I watched the runners panting in the misty morning. I closed my eyes and turned away. I looked for the man from my dreams. I looked for him, but he was invisible, watching me, but I couldn’t find him. Tayla brought the car from the garage. I almost didn’t get in, but I had school and Tayla was waiting. “You okay?” Tayla asked. “Tired.” “Yeah?” “Nightmares.” Tayla nodded and went back to zooming around cars. “There was this guy,” I said. “A guy?” she asked. “A nightmare,” I said. “A nightmare?” On the other side of the glass, trees rose like twisted priests praying in the gray air. Everything glittered silver for a moment. I thought of my dream. It was both real and unreal. My skin remembered his hands, his lips. I knew about these things. Dreams were sometimes dangerous, especially when they refused to fade in the daylight. “He was scary,” I said. “Really?” “Yeah,” I said. “We danced.” “Danced?” “Danced,” I said. “But then he…well, you know.” “A sex dream?” Tayla asked. “Kind of.” “Yuck.”

  • Page 2 and 3: Comfortable Madness William L. Alto
  • Page 4 and 5: Dedication For Lisa, who showed me
  • Page 6: still the only teacher who let me g
  • Page 9: I reached for his face, but it was
  • Page 13 and 14: med thing? Was this the start of an
  • Page 15 and 16: Science and Spirit They made physic
  • Page 17 and 18: Target I was neither the biggest ki
  • Page 19 and 20: Crossing the Line In English, we ta
  • Page 21 and 22: Episode Voices and faces bubbled ou
  • Page 23 and 24: God Porn Four girls stood in front
  • Page 25 and 26: Lunch Color drained away except for
  • Page 27 and 28: Telling Secrets Miss Tris sat with
  • Page 29 and 30: Water I danced and Tayla played. Ta
  • Page 31 and 32: “We have to do something,” Miss
  • Page 33 and 34: Insomnia Sun rise. Jays screamed in
  • Page 35 and 36: Love and Madness Our bed was old. K
  • Page 37 and 38: Someday Queertopia was the last tab
  • Page 39 and 40: There were no words. There were no
  • Page 41 and 42: Voices and Visions Night. Everythin
  • Page 43 and 44: Answered Questions Tayla sat in the
  • Page 45 and 46: A Thing Homecoming. I didn’t want
  • Page 47 and 48: I backed away. People were really s
  • Page 49 and 50: Tayla rolled over and looked at me.
  • Page 51 and 52: Delusions I was too cold. White air
  • Page 53 and 54: Room A creek ran on the edge of tow
  • Page 55 and 56: Questions Water dribbled through a
  • Page 57 and 58: Show Folks came through the door, t
  • Page 59 and 60: gathered in his fists and face. I s
  • Page 61 and 62:

    “I love you,” he said. Was this

  • Page 63 and 64:

    Spells in the Corner The music was

  • Page 65 and 66:

    Silence. We looked at Tad. He shrug

  • Page 67 and 68:

    The Mormons stumbled and turned. Th

  • Page 69 and 70:

    “I understand,” Tayla said. “

  • Page 71 and 72:

    PE I watched the game without watch

  • Page 73 and 74:

    He got off the couch and came to me

  • Page 75 and 76:

    Tayla grunted in her sleep. I didn

  • Page 77 and 78:

    I didn’t know that for sure. Gid

  • Page 79 and 80:

    How do you explain what it was like

  • Page 81 and 82:

    Air seemed to slice through me. Par

  • Page 83 and 84:

    Glass The room was mine. The walls

  • Page 85 and 86:

    “I love you,” she said. Sweet w

  • Page 87 and 88:

    “Turn away from sin,” he shoute

  • Page 89 and 90:

    down and grabbed my arm. He hauled

  • Page 91 and 92:

    Secrets Sadness verged on depressio

  • Page 93 and 94:

    Real Enough Orion hung in the south

  • Page 95 and 96:

    Escape Tayla and Angie took me to t

  • Page 97 and 98:

    We crouched behind a hedge. The cop

  • Page 99 and 100:

    Shit Follows Voices told me to run.

  • Page 101 and 102:

    “You’re dying,” he said. Spot

  • Page 103 and 104:

    Emergency Darkness. Thick, vast and

  • Page 105 and 106:

    Friends Miss Tris and Tad came with

  • Page 107 and 108:

    At the corner, I sat in a hard chai

  • Page 109 and 110:

    Awkward Everyone stared at Angie an

  • Page 111 and 112:

    The Dead On the edge of sleep, just

  • Page 113 and 114:

    Real and Not Real Visiting hours st

  • Page 115 and 116:

    I stared at the trees on the other

  • Page 117 and 118:

    Home Part of me thought things woul

  • Page 119 and 120:

    He was a wall of bone and muscle. H

  • Page 121 and 122:

    She came back to the bathroom. “I

  • Page 123 and 124:

    Tayla put on Duke Ellington. We hel

  • Page 125 and 126:

    gulped down. That was it. This was

  • Page 127 and 128:

    Worry Broken leg. Broken ribs. Disl

  • Page 129 and 130:

    “She hates me,” I said, soundin

  • Page 131 and 132:

    Soon I knew things. I knew someday

  • Page 133 and 134:

    Open Communication Pain and oxy str

  • Page 135 and 136:

    Tayla gave her the finger. I grinne

  • Page 137 and 138:

    “You’ll make it,” Tad said. I

  • Page 139 and 140:

    Love Oxy made everything okay. Not

  • Page 141 and 142:

    Things Come Out “Sweet Jesus,”

  • Page 143 and 144:

    Fight For days, we fought but we fo

  • Page 145 and 146:

    “Really?” she asked. The word h

  • Page 147 and 148:

    An old man stopped. He looked from

  • Page 149 and 150:

    Faith There he was. Gid. In the win

  • Page 151 and 152:

    The First Shot Queertopia. Tayla, r

  • Page 153 and 154:

    Always and Forever I dreamed of lig

  • Page 155 and 156:

    Temptation Last call. The stage emp

  • Page 157 and 158:

    Empty Promises It started. But then

  • Page 159 and 160:

    Gifts Music lifted into the air, br

  • Page 161 and 162:

    Object of Admiration Mr. Skarey cal

  • Page 163 and 164:

    Black birds came from the corners.

  • Page 165 and 166:

    This Body I dreamed of music, compl

  • Page 167 and 168:

    Miracles I was late. I was never la

  • Page 169 and 170:

    laughing. I had nothing to laugh ab

  • Page 171 and 172:

    “You’re talking religion,” Co

  • Page 173 and 174:

    Tayla’s drawn face tore at me.

  • Page 175 and 176:

    This Is Love First, I saw his hands

  • Page 177 and 178:

    Making Sure Posters of smiling wome

  • Page 179 and 180:

    Something Hard and Sad Rain fell li

  • Page 181 and 182:

    Looking Forward Dance team girls ga

  • Page 183 and 184:

    Closet Water stains made dark masks

  • Page 185 and 186:

    “You okay?” he asked. “Fine,

  • Page 187 and 188:

    “The baby! Jesus, the baby!” So

  • Page 189 and 190:

    “I love you,” Gid said. He went

  • Page 191 and 192:

    “You’re not a guy,” he said.

  • Page 193 and 194:

    Heavy Music and movement. I spun an

  • Page 195 and 196:

    It felt as if my skin were going to

  • Page 197 and 198:

    “They did nothing to you,” Gid

  • Page 199 and 200:

    I smiled a fake smile. Tayla watche

  • Page 201 and 202:

    “Really,” I said. “They can s

  • Page 203 and 204:

    I closed my eyes. “Let’s go,”

  • Page 205 and 206:

    “What’s up?” she asked. “Te

  • Page 207 and 208:

    I smoked and waited. Tayla came and

  • Page 209 and 210:

    Waiting I danced. I danced and hope

  • Page 211 and 212:

    The Talk “What’s his name?” T

  • Page 213 and 214:

    Almost a Victim I sat on the floor

  • Page 215 and 216:

    pushing his fingers into my pie and

  • Page 217 and 218:

    “She thinks I cheated,” I said.

  • Page 219 and 220:

    “You know better.” Suddenly, I

  • Page 221 and 222:

    “You know,” she said. “No one

  • Page 223 and 224:

    “No,” I said. “Yes. And other

  • Page 225 and 226:

    “I know.” Her fingers squeezed

  • Page 227 and 228:

    That put an end to it.

  • Page 229 and 230:

    “What happens,” I asked, “if

  • Page 231 and 232:

    didn’t trust her because they ass

  • Page 233 and 234:

    “Have you thought of adoption?”

  • Page 235 and 236:

    “I have some newborn clothes here

  • Page 237 and 238:

    Safe Dead folks filled the room wit

  • Page 239 and 240:

    Consequences Mr. Skarey’s office

  • Page 241 and 242:

    A Domestic Moment I lay on the bed

  • Page 243 and 244:

    Birth It started with a rush of wat

  • Page 245 and 246:

    When they handed me my son, I cried

  • Page 247:

    He fought with me, but there was a