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Comfortable Madness First PDF 4-13-18


“Soon enough.”

Open Communication Pain and oxy stretched everything into frayed strings. Colors muted. Sounds echoed and spun into white noise. Miss Tris sat at the end of the couch rubbing my toes. Sometimes they went numb and Miss Tris was willing to squeeze the blood back into them. She took turns with Tayla and Tad taking care of me because I was broken and needed someone to sit with me all of the time. When she was with me, Miss Tris told me stories from school. She told me about Jessica Barber, the cheerleader, the abstinence-only girl. “Her water broke right there in bio,” Miss Tris said. I laughed. “I was a little stoned,” she said. “Thought the whole thing was a trick.” “No one knew?” I asked. “No one.” “How do you not know you’re pregnant?” I asked. “Shame.” I shook my head. The door boomed open. I jumped and winced. My ribs hurt all of the time, even with the pills, and my shoulder flared when I moved too fast. Even Miss Tris looked scared for a moment. When Tayla saw our faces, she stopped and frowned. Books and groceries filled her arms. A loaf of bread fell to the floor. “Shit,” she said. Miss Tris got the loaf for her. Tayla nodded at her and they walked into the kitchen. I tried to listen and their words came back mumbled and blurred, tense. Anxiety buzzed along my spine. “Okay!” Tayla snapped. A long silence. When Tayla came, her face was carved and pale. Miss Tris came with her own strained mask. Colors