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Comfortable Madness First PDF 4-13-18

ightened. Ivory lined

ightened. Ivory lined green banners wriggled from the walls and wrapped themselves around my throat. They sat with me. “We need to talk,” Tayla said. Fear turned the air to a stone in my throat. Tears burned from tired eyes. Numbness spread from fingertips to my palms. The room turned blue then red and finally settled on a sickly purple. Figures formed and unformed in a thick mist. “Okay,” I said, stunned at the calm. Miss Tris stood and watched. Her body lost depth. She was a shadow of herself. “This is hard,” Tayla said. No, I thought. Not this. Not now. “She’s going to hurt you,” Gid whispered, invisible but there, like the smell of roses rotting. “I’m scared,” Tayla said. All of the tightness left her face. Lines eased. Tears rolled over sharp bones. “You could’ve died,” she said. “I didn’t mean it,” she said. Both Tayla and Miss Tris scrubbed at their faces with trembling fingers. “You went away,” she said. “This is it,” Gid said. “You almost didn’t come back,” Tayla said. I took her hand. “You can’t do that,” she said. “You can’t let the world, you can’t — you can’t let the crazy — you can’t leave me.” Colors lost their fiery brightness. Air turned back to air. I pulled Tayla in tight. Pain glittered through me, but I held on anyway. “Jesus,” Tayla said. “I told you,” Miss Tris said.

Tayla gave her the finger. I grinned. Miss Tris laughed and went to the kitchen. “Are you okay?” I asked. Tayla rubbed the last of the moment from her eyes. She nodded and things went from broken to a euphoric brittle. Tayla rose. “Dinner,” she said, shrugging herself back into the world. A lightness lifted me a little but only for a minute. “She’s lying,” Gid said. All the fear and doubt rushed back in, ruining a perfectly good buzz.