6 months ago

Comfortable Madness First PDF 4-13-18

Slipping Midnight. One.

Slipping Midnight. One. Two. Three in the morning. I sat in a lawn chair on the patio listening to the planes growling through the sky. Next door, frogs filled the night with a throaty song. Mr. Rothgery’s bathroom light flashed on. He was old. I imagined he peed a lot. Lights from the city painted the clouds gray and yellow. The cigarette in my hand made menacing shadows. Tayla came to the door. She came out and pressed her forehead to my spine, right between my shoulder blades. “What’re you doing?” she asked. “It’s too loud,” I said. She wrapped an arm around me, pressing her palm to my belly. Nothing made sense. I heard rhythms in the frog song that weren’t there. The planes in the air threatened to drop down and remove my head from my shoulders. “Can I help?” Tayla asked. I shook my head. Nothing helped. No one knew what to do. I was so confused.

Love Oxy made everything okay. Not great. Just okay. I stumped along the hall. Tayla carried my books. I got to my desk and sat. Across the room, Coy stared at me. Because I was high, it didn’t matter. Tayla sat with me. “You ready for this?” she asked. I nodded. Mac came. He stopped at my deck and put his hand on my shoulder. “You okay?” he asked. I nodded. “Good.” We talked about Chaucer. We talked about God and love. I was too stoned to follow. I floated, and the words washed through me, little bits of light and glass. I closed my eyes. “Do you like this?” Gid asked in my head. “What?” “This,” he said. “What this?” “This world,” he said. “These walls. These people.” “They love me,” I said. He came, invisible, and kissed me. His lips were hot and sharp. “I love you,” he said. “Really?” “As long as you love me.” He went away. Tayla shook my shoulder. I blinked. “Time to go,” she said. “Go?” “Home,” she said. I nodded. Home. Bed. Away from here.