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Comfortable Madness First PDF 4-13-18

“Jesus,” she said

“Jesus,” she said and got out. A hostess took us to our table and we sat, neither of us talking, reading the menu. Now that we were here, I didn’t feel like eating. My stomach was sour and twisted. “Are you seeing someone?” I asked. “There’s a guy I see sometimes,” she said. “Okay,” I said. “It’s not that way,” she said. She put her menu down and stared at me. “Would you go home with me?” All the light, all the air turned to amber. Angie smiled. She looked away and she looked back. “So, this guy,” she said. “Yeah?” “So, this guy,” she said. “He’s kind of rich.” Her smile was delicate and her eyes frail. Still, things were back to normal. Kind of. Not really.

Empty Promises It started. But then it stopped. It started again. Things jerked around me like an old-fashioned film running too slowly. Everything spun. Fragments twisted in the pearly light. Faces formed. Large, ugly teeth gnawed at me. Every time I moved, the whole thing stopped and reset. Gid came out of a field of wild iris and pressed himself against my back. I tried to scream but thorns tore my throat apart. My lungs cracked open. Cold split every bone. His bristling chin tore the skin on the back of my neck. When he kissed me between the shoulder blades, my spine splintered. My thighs tingled and cramped. I reached for his eyes, clawing and digging. “Show me,” I said. For a moment, he faded. His edges blurred but the light shifted, and the lines came back blade sharp. His fingers found my nipples and I yelped. We were naked, and I knew what was happening. Flesh fell from bone. My guts wrapped themselves around my spine. He pumped me full. My back arced. My toes curled. Everything went white, then black. I opened my eyes. I shook my head. I went to the bathroom and pissed. Blood stained the water. Was this my period? It wasn’t time for my period. “Fuck,” I said. “Goddamn.” I turned away and found myself in the mirror. My face made no sense. It was only vaguely familiar like a photo of someone who looked a little like the picture I had of myself in my head but not quite. The skin was too pale. Darkness dug deep into the bones. Stony teeth worried at bloodless lips. “Butter,” Tayla called. “I’m okay.”