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Comfortable Madness First PDF 4-13-18

“What’re you

“What’re you doing?” “He was here.” “Butter,” she said. Even through the door she sounded angry. “He was here!” I screamed. “Okay,” she said. “Okay.” “Okay,” I whispered and opened the door. “What’s wrong?” Tayla asked. “It doesn´t make sense,” I said. She reached out and I flinched and flinched again when she snapped her hand back to her side. With everything running through me, a touch, no matter how soft or well meaning, could kill. “Sorry,” I said. She nodded. “Come back to bed,” she said. She turned away. I followed, hating every step, hating the thought of lying down again where Gid could find me.

Gifts Music lifted into the air, bright and clean. Cigarette smoke haloed the stage light. Spinning sparks danced through the air. Candles burned on every table. I sat up front watching Tayla’s magic up close, watching people fall in love with her. Time vanished. The world failed to spin. Nothing mattered but the amber music. But then it ended. When the last note sang out into the darkness, silence fell for a long moment before everyone stood and yelled. Tayla sat at the piano, bowed over the keys for a long time. Worry ate at me, but then she stood. The last of the amber music evaporated. Even from here, I could tell she was exhausted. She looked ready to cry. I climbed the stage and wrapped her in my arms. I kissed her nose. I kissed her ear. She leaned into me. I held her, and she sighed. “Jesus,” she said. People wandered around and talked. Iridescent scraps played around them. “Can we sit somewhere?” I looked around. There were so many people. There were so many ways things could wrong. I swallowed. Tayla looked at me. I swallowed again, and I nodded. “Really?” she asked. She kissed me. I looked around. No Gid. No danger. Still I looked and Tayla saw me looking. “You sure?” she asked. I kissed her. She grinned. “I’m right here,” she said. I squeezed her hand. She winced. She smiled. We walked into the crowd.