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Comfortable Madness First PDF 4-13-18

Fine “You’re getting

Fine “You’re getting fatter,” Coy said. Wet lips writhed in his wormy face. I ignored him. He followed me down the hall. People watched. No one said anything. They were witnesses, silent and useless, there for the show. To them, this was entertainment. “Did you eat Tayla this morning?” Coy asked. “Wait! Of course, you did!” People snickered. Coy’s eyes scanned the audience for support. Not much but enough to push him forward. “Cannibalism’s bad for you,” he said. I curled my shoulders and pushed through the crowd. No one tried to stop me. “Gluttony’s a sin,” Coy called. Giggles tumbled against the walls. I got to class but the door was locked. I was trapped. “I’m not going away,” Coy said. “Gadfly,” I said. “Just a gadfly.” “What?” Coy asked. He got in my face. Even knowing that I’d kicked his ass in the past, Coy was courageous. Stupid but courageous. “Nothing,” I said. His eyes watered and wandered around in his head. “You’re high,” I said. “You’re ugly,” he snapped. “At least I’ll sober up.” “Yes,” I said. “But I got laid this morning. When was the last time someone other than your momma touched your dick?” Gasps and laughter. Coy blinked and thought. His mouth worked. He swallowed. “Fuck you,” he snapped and walked away. My knees wobbled. I wanted to puke. Someone smacked my shoulder and said something nice. Mac opened the door to class. I stumbled.

“You okay?” he asked. “Fine,” I said and found my desk. Fucked up. Insecure. Neurotic. Emotional. Fine. Everything was fine.