7 months ago

Comfortable Madness First PDF 4-13-18

“What?” Tayla asked.

“What?” Tayla asked. I shook my head. A woman in black blocked my way. I jerked against Tayla’s hand. “She’s going to find out,” the woman said. I twitched and the woman vanished. “Butter?” Tayla asked. “What’s going on?” I spun in place. “Hey,” Tayla said. “Talk to me.” “You didn’t see her?” I asked. Tayla’s face hardened. “She was right there,” I said. Down the street, a man screamed. “Praise be!” he screamed. “The Lord is coming!” I saw the color of the voices whispering to him. I saw his fear and his joy. I saw the angels wrestling with the demons around him. “Butter,” Tayla snapped. “Look at me.” Her face twisted in the light from the street lamps. A wooden feeling punched into my chest. This was not good. This was a forever moment, when the never ending now threatened to wrap me in dark madness. Cramps formed in my shoulders and thighs. I curled into myself a little. “Butter,” she said. “Let’s go home.” I nodded. Tayla dug in her purse and brought out a pill. Ativan. “Here,” she said. I swallowed it dry and waited. “You okay?” she asked. “No,” I said. She pulled me close. “I’m right here,” she said. The man down the street turned to me. “Tell her,” he said. “Tell her now.”

I closed my eyes. “Let’s go,” I said. Tayla pulled me down the sidewalk. I wanted her to go faster. I wanted to see if we could outrun the shit happening in my head. I wanted to see if shame and fear could beat me in a foot race.