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Comfortable Madness First PDF 4-13-18

“Have you talked to

“Have you talked to her?” “She won’t let me.” Angie nodded. Her face stayed smooth and carefree. “Maybe you need to make her,” she said. “How?” “You guys know everything about each other,” she said. “Just sit her down.” Sitting Tayla down was never a thing I was good at. Tayla never sat for anyone. How was I supposed to make her listen? Tayla only heard what Tayla wanted to hear. “Is she leaving?” I asked. Angie shook her head. “She hasn’t said anything to me.” I was terrified that I would come home one night and Tayla would be gone, afraid she’d packed her shit and left. She hadn’t left yet though. Maybe she was waiting for something. I only wished I knew what it was.

The Talk “What’s his name?” Tayla asked. “Tayla…” “His name!” “Gid,” I said. “Jesus.” “I told you…” “He’s not real,” she said. “Real enough.” “You want me to believe you’re knocked up,” she said. “A ghost knocked you up?” “He’s not a ghost.” “Hallucination.” “He’s more than that.” “He’s not,” she said. “No one’s ever seen him…” “I’ve seen him.” “What’s he look like?” “I don’t know.” “You don’t know?” “Tall,” I said. “Strong.” “His eyes?” “I’ve never seen his eyes.” “Never seen his eyes?” “His face.” “Jesus.” “Exactly.” “You’ve never seen his face,” she said. “But he knocked you up?” “It’s the only answer.” “Bullshit.” “I’ve never fucked anyone but you,” I said.