8 months ago

Comfortable Madness First PDF 4-13-18

Kissing my temple, she

Kissing my temple, she took me inside. We waited in the cafeteria for Tayla and Tad. When they showed up, Tayla looked questionably at us. So, this was it. Miss Tris was the spy. She didn’t say anything though. Nothing about angels. Nothing about weirdness. “Let’s do something,” she said instead. “I’m ferociously bored.” Flapping her hands in the air with their bright red nails, she led us through the school, a small queer parade looking for fun.

Water I danced and Tayla played. Tayla was no dancer. She played a bluesy thing. Soft and slow and sweet. Pounding piano keys turned her into a goddess. She beat the most amazing chords and rhythms. Tayla said that watching me dance gave her ideas. Not the music I danced to but the dancing itself. I was water. I was a mountain eating the horizon. Angie flittered around me like a bat looking for food. She danced as if she loved me. Our hearts echoed one another. We knew every muscle and every nerve. Her body was hard and narrow. We breathed into each other’s mouths. But then it ended. Tayla hit the final notes and I found myself on the floor, curled around Angie as if she were the only reason I was alive. “Jesus,” Tayla said. Absolutely. This was magic. This was redemption. This was divine.