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Comfortable Madness First PDF 4-13-18

watched her sleep for a

watched her sleep for a long time wondering if her dreams scared her as much as mine scared me.

A Thing Homecoming. I didn’t want to go. Tayla hated the very thought. But Miss Tris talked us into it. “It’s a Thing,” she said. “Dressing up. Acting all grown up.” Tayla snorted. “Grown-ups don’t do this shit,” she said. “Exactly,” Miss Tris said. “It’s a Thing. A high school Thing.” She bought the tickets. She tried to talk us into dresses but neither Tayla nor I went for that. Tayla wore a suit she got from Goodwill, gray linen, shiny in spots but not bad. She wore a purple shirt under it. I wore jeans and a plaid shirt, Doc Martins. Miss Tris came to the door and made a face. “You look like a couple of dykes,” she said. “We are a couple of dykes,” Tayla said. For a moment, Miss Tris looked like she was going to argue with us but Tad squeezed her hand and she swallowed whatever fight she had and nodded. Tad winked when I looked at him and I grinned. Maybe this wasn’t going to be too bad. Outside, night fell bit by bit. A tattered cloak of clouds shot through with the reds and purples of blood and bruises covered the sky. Things were dry. Trees stood gnarled and dark along the streets. Miss Tris drove her dad’s Mustang. The car was old but nice, bright red and shiny. I knew nothing of these things, but it was a sweet ride. “It’s a classic,” Miss Tris said. “Dad and I rebuilt it ourselves.” An image of Miss Tris in greasy overalls, her perfectly painted nails twisting wrenches and lifting oily metal things out