7 months ago

Comfortable Madness First PDF 4-13-18

ain pierced my face and

ain pierced my face and forearms with cold pins. Trees scratched their names on the sky. The birds had all given up and gone home. When would I get to go home?

Real Enough Orion hung in the southern sky, just west enough to dip his toe into the Coast Range. Somewhere out there, the Pleiades rode Taurus like witches riding dreamers. I couldn’t find them though. The moon was small, lopsided. Frogs filled the darkness with their throaty songs. Faces formed in the light from the windows. Dead folks told me things. They called my name. “It’s easy,” they said. “Just walk away.” I couldn’t though. Everywhere I went, the world followed. This world and the world in my head. Noises and colors lay on everything like leaves rotting in the woods. I closed my eyes and waited. “Are you coming to bed?” Tayla asked. I jumped. Tayla had a way of sneaking up on me. “Butter?” “He’s coming,” I said. “Shit.” Tayla came and put her hand on my back. Tayla had strong fingers. She was a powerful woman. “Come to bed,” she said. “He’s going to hurt me,” I said. Tayla sighed. “I’m here,” she said. “So is he,” I said. “Butter…” I spun and stared at her. She stared back. This was not a night to fight. This was not how I wanted the day to end. I went to bed. I followed Tayla to the bathroom. She showered with me as if she was afraid I’d drown myself. “He’s real enough,” I said. “I know,” Tayla said.