8 months ago

Comfortable Madness First PDF 4-13-18

But she didn’t know.

But she didn’t know. She had no idea. No one did. No one knew what it was like to have their dreams come to life.

Escape Tayla and Angie took me to the Egyptian Room. I’d never been. “Every Thursday’s topless karaoke night,” Angie said. “I know the bouncer. She’ll let us in.” Tayla and I looked at each other. Topless Karaoke? Tayla grinned. She was just glad to get out. She was glad we were doing something. I hated it but I had to do something. I had to give a little back. Tayla leaned over and kissed me. We made promises with our tongues. It was a night out. It was a chance to get away from craziness, a chance to be young and gay and comfortable. I was more than a little scared. “It’ll be fine,” Angie said. Cool air painted the night a soft rose color. Angie drove, ignoring everything. She rushed yellows and charged reds. She threw profanities like stones. There was no parking at the Egyptian Room. We left the car down the street and walked back. The Egyptian Room was packed. Women stood shoulder to shoulder, dancing, drinking and smoking, laughing and talking. A tall girl stood on the stage singing Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls.” Angie shrugged out of her shirt and dragged me out to the dance floor. She pressed herself against me. She was firm and slick. Her tits were hard against mine. It was just a dance, but it was more than a dance. Over and over, I looked at Tayla but Tayla was looking elsewhere. We were together but sometimes Tayla looked. It was harmless. “Come on,” Angie said. “Relax.” I let the music flow through me. I let my heart beat. I sucked the smoky air into my lungs.