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Comfortable Madness First PDF 4-13-18

Angie leaned in. Her

Angie leaned in. Her lips traced a small pattern against my neck. This was more than I asked for. I jerked away. Angie laughed. “It’ll be a secret,” she said. We danced and then we went to the bar and drank. The drinks went to my head. The walls spun and the lights boiled through my eyes. Tayla paid no attention when Angie’s hands found their way under my shirt. “Angie!” “I’ve seen them before,” she said. “I’m with Tayla,” I said. “And she’s right there,” Angie said. The lack of fear scared me. Part of me remembered Angie’s body in the shower. Part of me wanted to see what more there was. But this wasn’t something I could do. Not with Tayla right there. Last call came. Angie shrugged into her shirt. We drove home. Night folks stood on corners, but they meant nothing. Lights flashed, and trees blurred. Tayla’s hand caressed my thigh. Nights like this fired her up. The city gave way to hills and the hills to small towns. Angie shot through the back roads with a wildness that scared me. “Angie,” I said. “I have it,” she said. Gravity pulled me in too many directions. I leaned in my seatbelt. We squealed around a corner. Red and blue lights behind us. “Shit,” Angie said and stomped the gas. We took the corner to our street and before I could think, we were parked. “Inside,” Angie said. “Go. Inside. Now.” We ran over the yard. The cop tore onto our street. “Hide!” Angie snapped.

We crouched behind a hedge. The cop slowed but didn’t stop. My lungs ached. Angie and Tayla choked on their laughter. As soon as the cop was gone, Angie pulled me into the house. Angie and Tayla bent with laughter and excitement. “Jesus,” I said. Angie danced around. Fear turned her on. “Prepare yourself,” she said. She kissed Tayla and then she kissed me. Tayla went with it. “Is this happening?” I asked. Tayla looked at me with bright eyes. “You ready?” she asked. Angie cupped my tits. It was happening. We kissed and we spun and we fell into bed. We bent and swirled and ate each other alive.