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4 Sunday, April 8, 2018 National 30 peacocks die of suspected Ranikhet disease in Thar KARACHI: Head office: 509, Land Mark Plaza, I.I Chundrigar Road, Karachi, Pakistan. Ph: +9221-32214988- 32214990, Fax: +9221-32214989, Chief Editor: Muhammad Taqi Alvi Associate Editor: Ali Razavi - Editor Special Reports: Muhammad Rafique Rajpar Hyderabad Bureau Chief: Abbas Kassar - Islamabad Bureau Chief: Hameedullah Khan ISLAMABAD –– LAHORE –– RAWALPINDI –– KARACHI EDITORIAL UN failed miserably: Reform unfair UNSG election system, war monger politics and make a dead UN alive for peace! UNO election system is under serious challenge and reeling with glaring inequalities that has jeopardized free and fair election of its secretary general. It was expected that a world famous versatile figure like chief of The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Irina Bokova with this kind of background the world direly needed was the best and most suitable among all other comparatively little known candidates without proven background in education, science and culture so vital to understand, coordinate and lead the ambassadors and leaders in international diplomacy from around two hundred countries worldwide. But lo and behold: In a most unbelievable outcome, UNESCO head Irina Bokova was not elected as UNO chief! It is demanded that UNO purge itself from vested interests and unfair election system which is more important since it affects all countries and nations more than any other election in any single country worldwide: Period! As advocated by even some United Nations Secretary General heads earlier, UN lies down under weight of absence of administrative and executive reforms urgently needed to save this organization from becoming a mere tool in the hands of war mongers who beat UN’s peace efforts. WAR monger big powers against peace steered United Nations Organization towards failure in stopping wars and establishing peace! UNO has only “relatively” succeeded in stopping some wars and establishing some peace, but it has generally failed in doing that in many parts of the world. FAILURE of UN in Muslim world was most glaring in case of Israeli planned and Saudi led big powers’ wars on Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Gaza and West Bank (Palestine), Lebanon, Bahrain and many African countries with Muslim populations. RIGHT is might philosophy can again steer back UN from failure towards success! Reason: The United Nations Organization (UNO) was formed out of the horrors of the World War II of a mighty Germany which wanted “superior Aryan race rule over the world’s inferior races”. The world combined against that racial ideology.After the fall of German warriorAdolf Hitler, the UNO was formed with the purpose of preventing this kind of war by a mighty power from ever happening again against the human race on the right. UNO formation came after the failures of the League of Nations, an international organization that had the same lofty goal of preventing war. UNO sought out to overcome the League’s failures by embedding itself into all aspects of the international community setting up organizations such as the General Assembly, Security Council, International Court of Justice, the World Bank, and later on the International Atomic EnergyAgency and its Development Program. Over the last 60 years, the UN has changed and developed, along the way it has permanently changed the environment of the international community, through its work in peacekeeping, creating and developing international law, the establishment of human rights, the list goes on. RIGHT over might can again stop the UN falling from grace, remove its negative weaknesses, strengthen its beneficial strengths, and prop it up again, without need for dictations by war mongering big powers and to make the UN stand on its own with all those nations who claim they are non aligned or that they believe in the right “right” over a wrong “might”. Naturally, however, in all positive changes some negatives have arisen: the decision making process is often very slow and many institutions like the Security Council are allegedly reactionary, and very easily caught up in power politics, rendering them useless at critical moments. This raises the question focused here: Has the UN failed? By Steve Bullock Should Remainers now “get behind” Brexit and turn their energies to shaping a close United Kingdom-European Union (EU) relationship or to rejoining the EU post-Brexit? That is what some respected Brexit commentators have started to accept. The essence of their point is that all the legal routes to stopping Brexit are now politically too unlikely and that, since the mandate from the referendum was only to leave the EU, all that happens afterwards is up for grabs. But for Remainers to give up on the campaign to stop Brexit would be wrong on principle, and practically ineffective. A key lesson from my time as a negotiator for the UK in the EU is that it is essential to be calm, at full strength, and there up until the very last moment of the process. The final stages are when events happen at an artificially accelerated rate, and realities can change in an instant. Slinking out early, or switching focus to the next issue, opens you up to missing a game-changing opportunity. While time may be tight, a week is now an eternity in British politics. On principle, we should oppose what we know to be harmful. We know that Brexit will harm our families, friends, neighbours, fellow citizens, and the country and its standing in the world. To acquiesce quietly to this would be wrong while there is some chance of success. The odds are against stopping Brexit. They always have been, but it can still happen. The main obstacles are OPINION Main purpose of UN, to prevent war, has clearly not been achieved, it’s claimed. It’s however, in relative terms and not with absolute certainty, or in its totality. The UN was set up with the express purpose of preventing global wars, yet it has not done everything to prevent them. Indeed, the UN has often served merely as a forum for countries to abuse and criticize each other, rather than resolve disputes peacefully. Contrary-wise, it is to an extent unfair to say that the United Nations has failed just because conflict has not been eradicated from the world. The causes that drive nations to war with one another is caused by those countries themselves, not by the UN. As long as those reasons remain, and are not addressed internally and properly within ruling systems of those countries themselves, UN can do little to help. These disputes cannot often be resolved by external and diplomatic means. Therefore, to set global peace as the test for the UN’s efficiency is clearly unfair, it can be claimed. Nonetheless the UN has served as an effective forum for behind the scenes diplomacy in many international crises. It has come to the aid of countries under attack and it has also kept the peace where it possibly could. The fact that armed conflicts around the world have become less common since 1990 is, arguably, at least partly down to the good offices of the United Nations. UN ignores or enables human rights abuses: That’s one serious charge, with its own pros and cons. Despite the development of the concept of human rights in the post-war world, the UN has totally failed to protect or make other governments in other countries protect the rights of citizens, ethnic minorities, women and children. It has stood by during episodes of genocide in Cambodia, Rwanda, Congo and Yugoslavia among many others, tolerated some of the world’s worst dictatorships as members, and did nothing to improve the situation of women in developing nations. Indeed, where UN peacekeepers have been sent into war-torn countries, they have sometimes been guilty of the most horrendous human rights abuses themselves. As of 2011, the UN’s Human Rights Council itself was comprised of members which had included petro-dollared Saudi Arabian might pumping besides its cheap or free oil some leftover dollars to beggarly Muslim countries with big powers’ puppet governments reeling under poverty and corruption without law or accountability against the rulers, a system much like Saudi Arabian rule itself, so that all sects are subdued and Salafism or Wahabism dominate the Islamic world. UN Human Rights Council had also included China, with its praiseworthy investments of multi billions in this country, Pakistan which not only does not oppose Beijing’s suppression of Muslim beliefs in Xinjiang and elsewhere but even supports it under the name and title of “counter-terrorism” war, even as keeping holy fast was partially banned by China against some allegedly Muslim terror group and fasters were allegedly arrested, beaten, jailed and tortured. Formerly Burma or Myanmar also came close behind with making life of its Muslim Rohingya community a kind of hell on earth to burn in or go drown into the sea. Indian atrocities, due to inhuman subcontinental plays against human life, continued since half a century. UN could not take proper action to resolve it, since both India and Pakistan must first agree to peace with each other and stopping of slow massacres, kidnappings, rapes, illegitimate off springs, subhuman Muslim life and their dehumanized living in Kashmir without all their constitutional and human rights. There are many such instances of many countries violating UN charter and their own constitutional and human rights against their own nations. I’ve negotiated with the EU — and I know we can still stop Brexit The existing mandate is weakened by allegations that the small referendum majority was gained through deliberate untruths and potentially serious wrongdoing political, not legal. For example, were the Labour party leadership to significantly alter its position, the odds could shift considerably in favour of remaining. It is true that, without a request, and EU27 agreement to an extension of the two years allowed by article 50, or a revocation of the notice given under it, the UK will leave the EU on March 29, 2019. Time is tight, but it was always going to be, and there are good reasons to believe that the EU27 would grant an extension for democratic processes in the UK to play out. Successive statements by EU leaders have made it clear that, for the EU27, the UK abandoning Brexit is still a preferred option. There was a mandate from the British parliament for the government to invoke Article 50, and negotiate terms, but this does not mean that whatever those terms are must be accepted. By the time the withdrawal agreement and a declaration on the shape of a future relationship is finalised (if indeed they are finalised in time, which is far from certain) it will be well over two years since the referendum. Their contents were not and could not have been known at the time. If Brexit goes ahead, we would then face negotiations on agreements on a future relationship during a transition period, but with no option to remain, and only the option of a disastrous no-deal cliff edge if those results were unsatisfactory. At that point, four and a half years after the referendum, whatever is on the table would have to be accepted. THAR: Thirty peacocks have died in the Thar region of Sindh during the last couple of days owing to a fresh outbreak of Ranikhet disease, according to locals. Dozens of peacocks are reportedly ill following the outbreak. The sudden spike in the deaths of the birds has sparked fear among locals who say this may be an outbreak of the highly contagious disease locally known as Ranikhet. Locals have criticised the Sindh Wildlife Department’s response to the situation, saying officials have failed to investigate the deaths despite repeated calls. However, the provincial wildlife has said its teams are providing assistance in the affected villages and ISLAMABAD: A man was killed after a US Embassy car collided with a motorcycle near the federal capital's near Islamabad's Daman-e-Koh vicinity on Saturday. The white Land Cruiser (QM 058), driven by US defense air attaché hit a motorcycle (ARM 900) working to investigate the deaths of the birds. For the past five years, the peacocks of the desert region have been dying due to the spread of a lethal disease usually witnessed in the summer or the past five years,. In January this year, more around 3PM in Kohsar Police Station's jurisdiction. Motorcyclist Ateeq Baig — resident of the city's Tihar suburb — was killed in the accident. The US official was not arrested owing to their diplomatic immunity, however, the police took custody of the vehicle. than 50 peacocks died in three villages of Thar owing to a mysterious disease. In 2012, the dreadful viral disease Ranikhet claimed the lives of more than 167 peacocks within a period of 24 days in Thar. In 2015, almost 200 peacocks reportedly died in the US diplomat’s vehicle claims life of bike rider LARKANA: Nawaz- League and PTI are doing politics of allegations, abuse and fake promises and the masses are aware of their misdeeds. This was stated by Provincial Minister for Food Nisar Ahmed Khuhro after distributing 50 sewing machines among the poor women of Larkana ahead of general elections in Labour Hall here on Saturday. Khuhro said PTI and PML- Nawaz would not be able to get anything from KPK and Punjab respectively. He said during 2018 elections, only arrow would be flying high. He said: "PPP is taking steps now to alleviate poverty. To improve lives of the people, other programs are also underway along with Benazir Income Support Program (BISP)." He said money of the people should A statement released by the US Embassy confirmed the accident. The embassy is in contact with the local authorities to probe into the incident, the statement added. Dr Muhammad Faisal, the spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said the matter is being investigated. Khuhro distributes 50 sewing machines LARKANA: Sindh Senior Minister for Food and Parliamentary Affairs, Nisar Khuhro is distributes sewing machines to poor people during distribution ceremony. Argument between lawyers escalates to brawl at Lahore civil court LAHORE:Aheated argument between two groups of lawyers led to a brawl at the premises of Lahore civil courts Saturday afternoon. The two groups of lawyers were discussing a case in the committee room when an argument broke out. Eventually, the argument resulted in groups brawling with one another. A video of the incident also surfaced, in which the lawyers can be seen punching, slapping and kicking one another. Both senior and junior lawyers engaged in the scuffle, which lasted about 15 minutes. Moreover, some lawyers even resorted to vandalising the area and breaking chairs. On January 27, 2017, a video of lawyers turning a Lahore courtroom into a battlefield emerged, where two lawyers thrashed each other during the hearing of a murder case. Staff Reporter BADIN: Veteran politician, former Chief Minister and Governor and PTI leader, Sardar Mumtaz Ali Bhutto has said that the country was facing uncertainty and any thing could be at any time but people should keep expectation for commencing election. He said Mian Nawaz also be spent for their betterment. He said millions of women were getting financial support from BISP which is a very good step to make women strong. Khuhro claimed that only PPP had programs for bettering lives of the masses and nobody else. Mayor Aslam Shaikh, Shakil Memon, office bearers of UC-9 and workers attended the function. Sharif had power for different tenures but during those regimes he could not do for the country and people and country has no gain. He condoled with Dr Saifullah Bhurgari, Nasir Khan and Zulifiqar Bhurgari on death of their brother M. Khan alias Baban Bhurgari. While talking with journalists he Thar area due to similar reasons. Locals have said the root cause of this viral disease is hens, which spread among other avian, including peacocks. It’s believed that this disease cannot be controlled unless it is eradicated from where it originates. AJK President Stresses need to continue raising Kashmir issue MUZAFFARABAD: Azad Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan has stressed the need to continue raising the Kashmir issue in parliaments of influential countries and international parleys. He was talking to Member of the House of Lords, Lord Nazir Ahmed who called on him along with a delegation in Muzaffarabad on Saturday. Masood Khan said the world should be sensitized of the war crimes being perpetrated by Indian troops in Occupied Kashmir. He said the people of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan vociferously condemn the recent wave of killings in Shopian under the guise of a security operation. AIOU’s final exams to start from April 23 ISLAMABAD: Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) will hold final exams of its Associate Degree Commerce/education, B.Ed (1.5, 2.5 and 4 years), BA, BBA and BS (CS) programs for the Semester Autumn, 2017 from April 23, it was announced here on Sunday. Roll Number slips are being dispatched to all enrolled students at their postal address. Date-sheet has been placed at the University’s website as well. About 850 exam centers have been set up across the country to facilitate the students to appear in the exam, at close to their residence or work place. Country faces uncertainty and people deprives of rights Sardar Mumtaz Bhutto said Zia -ul -Haq was responsible for assassination of Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto. He said people of Sindh were sustaining lots of problems and deprivations. He said despite of such in justification people of Sindh would vote those politicians which would increase their deprivations.

At least 14 killed in bus crash involving Canadian junior hockey team B OTTAWA: At least 14 people were killed late on Saturday after a tractortrailer collided with a bus filled with members of a Junior League hockey team on their way to a playoff game, the Canadian authorities said. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said that 14 other people had been injured, three of them critically. A total of 28 people, including the driver, were on the bus at the time of the collision, investigators said. The police have released no information on the driver of the tractor-trailer. “We are not confirming the identity of the victims at this time, including whether the deceased are players or coaches,” the police said in a statement early Saturday morning. But The Saskatoon StarPhoenix identified one surviving player as Derek Patter. And on Twitter, a man identified as his father, R. J. Patter shared a photo GAZA: A Palestinian journalist died on Saturday after being wounded by Israeli fire on Friday while covering deadly protests along the Israel-Gaza border, health officials said. Yaser Murtaja, 30, a cameraman for Palestinian Ain Media, was the 29th Palestinian killed in the week-long protests. Photos showed Murtaja lying wounded on a stretcher wearing a navy-blue protective vest marked ‘PRESS’ in large black capital letters. Health officials of his son and two other players, with the message: “Derek Grayson and Nick bonding and healing.” The crash happened about 5 p.m. on a highway about 18 miles north of Tisdale, a remote part of Saskatchewan, the police said; the wreck clogged traffic and caused major delays. In a tweet, the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League identified the hockey team as the Humboldt Broncos. Players for the Broncos range in age from 16 to 21, according to the team’s roster. The Broncos president, Kevin Garinger, said in a statement, “Our Broncos family is in shock as we try to come to grips with our incredible loss.” “Our organization will never be the same,” he said a live bullet had penetrated the side of his abdomen and he succumbed to his wounds in hospital. An Israeli military spokeswoman said the army was looking into the incident and could not comment further at this stage. The daily protests, dubbed “The Great March of Return”, began on March 30 along the Israel-Gaza frontier, reviving a longstanding demand for the right of return of Palestinian refugees to towns and villages from which their families fled, or were driven out, when the state of Israel was created. Israel has stationed added. Relatives of the team members people gathered at the Elgar Petersen Arena in Humboldt, according to the local news media. Sobs could be heard as people received news of friends and loved ones on their phones. The team had been scheduled to play the Nipawin Hawks on Friday night. “Tonight’s game is Palestinian journalist killed in Israel-Gaza protests Japan activates first marines since WW2 to bolster defenses against China S A S E B O / T O K Y O : Japan on Saturday activated its first marine unit since World War Two trained to counter invaders occupying Japanese islands along the edge of the East China Sea that Tokyo fears are vulnerable to attack by China. In a ceremony held at a military base near Sasebo on the southwest island of Kyushu, about 1,500 members of the Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade (ARDB) wearing camouflage lined up outside amid cold, windy weather. “Given the increasingly difficult defense and security situation surrounding Japan, defense of our islands has become a critical mandate,” Tomohiro Yamamoto, vice defense minister, said in a speech. The troops conducted a 20-minute mock public exercise recapturing a remote island from invaders. The formation of the Japanese marine brigade is controversial because amphibious units can project military force and could, critics warn, be used to threaten Japan’s neighbors. In its post World War Two constitution Japan renounced the right to wage war. U.S. slaps sanctions on Putin cronies for Russia's 'malign activity' WASHINGTON: The United States imposed major sanctions on Friday against 24 Russians, striking at allies of President Vladimir Putin in one of Washington’s most aggressive moves to punish Moscow for its alleged meddling in the 2016 U.S. election and other “malign activity.” The action, taken under pressure from the U.S. Congress, freezes the U.S. assets of oligarchs such as aluminum tycoon Oleg Deripaska, a close associate of Putin, and lawmaker Suleiman Kerimov, whose family controls Russia’s largest gold producer, Polyus. The sanctions largely respond to what U.S. intelligence agencies have said was Russian interference in the presidential election, although the Treasury Department painted them as a response to a series of adversarial actions by Moscow. U.S. President Donald Trump has been under fire for not taking strong action against Russia after a series of diplomatic disputes reminiscent of the Cold War era. The sanctions could complicate his hopes for good relations with Putin. Relations already had worsened recently as the United States expelled Russian diplomats over a poisoning case in Britain and imposed sanctions on Russians for alleged links to cyber attacks. The latest move is aimed at seven Russian oligarchs and 12 companies they own or control, plus 17 senior Russian government officials. They freeze the U.S. assets of the people and companies named and forbid Americans in general from doing business with them. sharpshooters to stop attempts by Palestinians to breach the border or sabotage the security fence. Turkey to deport nearly 600 Afghan migrants - interior ministry ANKARA: Turkish authorities will deport close to 600 illegal Afghan migrants in eastern Turkey back to Kabul this weekend, the interior ministry said on Saturday. The Afghan migrants had crossed into Turkey through Iran due to “ongoing terrorist activities and economic troubles” in Afghanistan, the ministry said, and security forces had handed the migrants over to provincial immigration authorities. It said deportation procedures had been completed for 591 migrants in the eastern province of Erzurum and that charter flights to Kabul would be arranged on Saturday and Sunday to send the migrants back. “Following the completion of deportation procedures for illegal migrants in our other provinces, deportations will speed up and continue in the coming days,” the ministry said in a statement. Rights groups have criticised Turkey for deporting migrants back to conflicttorn countries, including Afghanistan, saying it was putting their lives at risk. BRASILIA: Former chief justice and the first black member of Brazil’s Supreme Court, Joaquim Barbosa, joined the centerleft Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB) late on Friday mulling a presidential bid in the October election. Barbosa, 63, has never run for office but he is widely admired for heading a canceled,” the Hawks said on Twitter. In a Facebook post, Scott Moe, the premier of Saskatchewan, said his province was grieving. “Words cannot describe the loss that we feel tonight,” he said. “The news I have heard is difficult to comprehend.” In a tweet, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada said he could not imagine what the parents of the players were going through. “My heart goes out to everyone affected by this terrible tragedy,” he said. Darren Opp, president of the Hawks, told local news outlets that the tractor-trailer had T-boned the Humboldt players’ bus. “It’s a horrible accident, my God,” he said. “It’s very, very bad.” “There’s uncles and moms and dads waiting to hear whether their sons and nephews are O.K. “It’s terrible. It’s absolutely terrible,” he added. Earthquake measuring 6.3 magnitude strikes PNG - USGS SYDNEY: A powerful 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck the highlands of Papua New Guinea on Saturday, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said, as the region struggles to recover from a massive 7.5 quake only two months ago. There were no immediate reports of damage or injury. The quake was 82 kms (51 miles) southwest of Porgera in Enga province and 47 kms (30 miles) deep, said the USGS. Earlier European quake monitor EMSC reported it at 6.5 magnitude and only two kms (1.2 miles) deep, but later scaled it down. The earthquake happened just two months after a 7.5 quake struck the same highlands area, killing 125 people and leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless. February’s quake also damaged mining and power infrastructure and led ExxonMobil Corp to shut its $19 billion liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant, the country’s biggest export earner. Miners Barrick Gold Corp and Ok Tedi Mining also reported damage to infrastructure. CORFU, Greece: Orthodox Easter celebrations on the Greek island of Corfu were a smash on Saturday - literally. Corfiots mark Holy Saturday with a strange old custom referred to as the “botides” - where large clay jugs filled with water are thrown from the balconies of homes in the center of town, smashing into pieces onto the streets below as thousands gather around to watch. Visitors come from across the country and abroad to view the popular event. The sound of the pots crashing is thunderous, and fearless spectators stand quite close to the crash sites, O L L Y W O O D : Anushka Sharma, who recently wrapped up the Delhi schedule of her upcoming film opposite Varun Dhawan, will be bestowed with the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Excellence Awards. Apart from acting, Anushka is one of the few actresses, who is also a successful Bollywood producer. Along with her brother Karnesh Sharma, she has backed films like the critically-acclaimed 'NH10', 'Phillauri' and the recentlyreleased 'Pari'. Anushka has always tried to make movies that are content-driven and those which promote fresh talent. No wonder, recognising this contribution to Indian cinema, the Dadasaheb Phalke Foundation has decided to honour her with the award. Meanwhile, there are rumours that the actress will be producing three more films under her banner. Interestingly, her last film 'Pari' is also going to be remade in Tamil. According to sources, 'Pari' was appreciated by audiences because of its script and the Anushka's willingness to take a risk and back content that was aimed at redefining the horror genre in India. Since the horror Sunday, April 8, 2018 International genre is popular in the South, the decision to 5 Anushka Sharma to be honoured with the Dadasaheb Phalke Excellence Award DOUMA: Pro-government forces in Syria have launched a ground offensive under the cover of air raids on Douma, the last rebel-held town in Eastern Ghouta. The push on Friday signalled the collapse of a 10- day ceasefire over a potential deal to evacuate opposition fighters from the besieged enclave on the outskirts of the capital, Damascus. According to the Syrian Civil Defence, a group of rescuers operating in opposition-held areas in Syria, the air raids killed at least 30 civilians, including women and children. Syrian government forces said they retaliated after a faction within Jaish al-Islam, the rebel group controlling Douma, shelled a government-held area, killing four people. Jaish al-Islam, the last remaining remake the film in Tamil was taken. Syria forces launch assault on rebel-held Douma LONDON: Former Russian spy Sergei Skripal is no longer in a critical condition and his health is improving rapidly, more than a month after he was poisoned with a nerve agent in England, the hospital treating him said on Friday. Skripal, 66, who as a colonel in Russian military intelligence betrayed dozens of agents to Britain’s foreign spy service, was found slumped unconscious on a bench in the city of Salisbury along with his daughter Yulia on March 4. Britain blamed Russia for the poisoning, the first known offensive use of such a nerve agent on European soil since World rebel group in Eastern Ghouta, denies the accusation. The group had been in Russian-brokered negotiations with the Syrian government for the past several days. Tens of thousands are estimated to be remaining in Douma. United Nations spokesman Stephane Dujarric said the renewed outbreak of fighting in Douma "is of great concern to us". Poisoned Russian agent Sergei Skripal recovering rapidly, hospital says struck by the spray of water and shards of clay, although local organizers said no one has ever been seriously injured during the custom. “I am very happy, because people come from far away, and that is why we do this, they like it very much, they have become War Two. Moscow denied any involvement and suggested Britain had carried out the attack to stoke anti- Russian hysteria. After weeks of no reported change in his condition, the hospital confirmed that Skripal, who had been treated under heavy sedation, was now making fast progress. Old Easter tradition on the Greek island of Corfu is a smash hooked on the custom,” said Corfu resident Nikos Voskopoulos, who has been an enthusiastic pot-thrower for 20 years. Brazil's first black chief justice joins party to run for president high-profile 2012 political corruption trial over votebuying that led to the imprisonment of three top aides to former leftist president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Since Barbosa retired from the top court in 2014 his name has regularly appeared in presidential opinion polls and he could shake up the election campaign by becoming the antiestablishment candidate many voters are looking for. “My talks with the PSB have led to an understanding that allows me the comfort of having more time to reflect on a final decision on running,” Barbosa said in a statement. He said the PSB had not guaranteed him the nomination.

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