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The International News Weekly CANADA April 13, 2018 | Toronto 04 Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League proceeds with playoffs after tragic bus crash The Canadian Press TORONTO: The Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League will resume playoffs with the blessing of the Humboldt Broncos. The league was in the difficult position of deciding what to do after the Broncos team bus collided with a semi truck Friday, killing the head coach and 10 players among the 16 fatalities, and injuring 13 others. The Broncos were travelling to Nipawin for Game 5 of their semifinal series against the Hawks when the crash occurred at an intersection north of Tisdale. The SJHL's 12-member board of governors voted unanimously Wednesday in favour of resuming the postseason, league president Bill Chow said. The Hawks and Estevan Bruins will play for the league's championship trophy, the Canalta Cup, in a best-of-seven series starting Saturday in Nipawin. "With Humboldt being very positive about continuing the season, I think that made the decision going forward a lot easier," Chow told The Canadian Press. The Hawks and Bruins will wear stickers on their helmets in the final series in honour of the Broncos, Chow said. Humboldt's team president was adamant the playoffs should continue. "That love of hockey can take us a long way in terms of helping us through the healing process," Kevin Garinger said. "Hockey is healing." The father of Broncos defenceman Ryan Straschnitzki, who was badly injured in the crash, said his son feels the same way. "He said, 'You know what, you guys got to continue. We're athletes. We don't stop. We carry on. Let's go. Let's play,'" Tom Straschnitzki said. The Hawks were up 3-1 in their best-ofseven semifinal against the Broncos when the crash occurred Friday. Humboldt had lost 6-5 in triple overtime at home two days earlier. Estevan closed out its semifinal series Friday against the Battlefords North Stars. The Bruins were awaiting a decision on whether they would play for a championship this season or not."To me, if you don't play there's a giant, gaping open wound," Bruins coach and general manager Chris Lewgood said. "The people that lost their lives did so doing what they love to do. I have no doubt the majority of them would want these guys to carry on and do so at the best of their ability. It's going to be a tragedy whether we continue or not. We can't fix anything by not playing hockey. "If I were the coach that was killed in that accident, I would want to see those guys move on and make the most of their opportunity to move forward and make the best of a really bad situation."Despite the devastation to the Broncos organization, Garinger wants Humboldt to ice a team in the SJHL in 2018-19. Toronto police find missing six-year-old girl nearly 15 kilometers from home The Canadian Press TORONTO: A search for a missing six-year-old girl came to a puzzling but positive end when she was found nearly 15 kilometres from her home hours after she disappeared, Toronto police said Tuesday. Supt. Mark Barkley was tightlipped about the circumstances around both the girl's early morning disappearance from her eastend Toronto apartment building and her reappearance in a completely different part of the city hours later. He said, however, that police were able to locate her alone after she approached a bystander. At that time, police were conducting a full-scale search for the girl in her home neighbourhood, using officers, police dogs and horses to scour the area around where she was last seen "Our investigation continues at this time because we have far more questions than answers," Barkley told a news conference. "And we want answers to make sure that we can identify where she went to, why she went there, who she may or may not have been with ... and of course ensure that nothing untoward may have happened to the child while she was away." Barkley also clarified details that had emerged in previous police communications throughout the day. Police previously reported that the girl had last been seen in bed, clad in grey pyjama bottoms and a green and white pyjama top. They indicated that she had gone missing some time between then and 7:40 a.m., when police were first summoned to the home where she lived with her mother. Barkley said the girl's absence was in fact first noticed around 5 a.m. He also contradicted previous police information that the girl had gone missing without a coat and shoes, saying she was "dressed appropriately for the weather" when she was found shortly before 1 p.m. Barkley said the girl was examined by paramedics and is in good condition. "We're always relieved to find that a child has been located safely," he said. "The most important thing is the well-being of the missing person." He said police are not currently seeking any suspects in relation to her disappearance from the home and said there is no public safety concern, but emphasized that the investigation is ongoing. The Children's Aid Society has been contacted in relation to the case, he added. 21-year-old Brampton male arrested for Eight Robberies The Canadian Press Region of Peel – Investigators from the Central Robbery Bureau with assistance from 21 Division Uniform Patrol have arrested a 21 year-old male for numerous robberies. Investigation revealed that the male was responsible for robberies of five banks, two financial services company, and one commercial business during a period of March 23 – April 5, 2018. The robberies took place in the cities of Brampton (4), Toronto (3), and Vaughan (1). On April 6, 2018, Lav CHOPRA, a 21 year-old male form the City of Brampton was arrested and charged with eight counts of Robbery and eight counts of Disguise with Intent. CHOPRA was held for a bail hearing to take place on April 7, 2018, at the Ontario Court of Justice in Brampton. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact investigators with the Central Robbery Bureau at (905)453-2121 ext. 3410. Information may also be left anonymously by calling Peel Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), or by Manpreet Minhas Barrister & Solicitor REAL ESTATE Rupinder Minhas Barrister & Solicitor Sale/Purchase of Residential & Commercial Properties Mortgage Enforcements & Lease Refinance & Private Mortgages BUSINESS LAW Incorporation & Shareholder agreements Sales & Purchase of Assets & Shares Notarization & Affidavits First Consultation FREE WILLS & ESTATE Wills Certificate of Estate Trustee with/without will Power of attorney for Property & Personal care CRIMINAL LAW Drink & Drive offences Bail Hearings Domestic Assaults Every Client Matters Tel: 905-671-9244 Fax: 905-671-9245 IMMIGRATION Skilled Worker Category Spousal & Family Sponsorships Students permit Visas & Renewals 138-2960 Drew Road Mississauga, ON. L4T 0A5 (Airport/Drew Rd, Near Malton Gurughar)

The International News Weekly CANADA April 13, 2018 | Toronto 05 Former Ontario Tory leadership candidate Tanya under fire for online comments The Canadian Press TORONTO : Former Ontario Tory leadership hopeful Tanya Granic Allen, who is now seeking a party nomination ahead of a spring provincial election, is defending herself after coming under fire for comments made online years ago about Muslims and gay marriage. Granic Allen, a parental rights and anti-abortion advocate, denied Tuesday that posts and tweets in which she suggests gay marriage shouldn't be legalized in the United Kingdom and says women should not wear burkas in public reflect Islamophobic or homophobic views. "My concern...has always been about the freedom of religion, the freedom of conscience and freedom of expression and protecting those very important rights, which is why I opposed the banning of the niqab even though I personally take issue with it," she told The Canadian Press. Her online comments, which date back to 2013 and 2014, were condemned by the Liberals and New Democrats, who said it would be up to Tory Leader Doug Ford to decide whether he wants someone with those beliefs as a candidate. Ford, meanwhile, said only that the sentiments expressed by Granic Allen, who is seeking to run in the Toronto-area riding of Mississauga Centre, do not reflect his views or those of the party. "Our base is growing, and we want all Ontarians to feel like they have a place in our party," he said in a statement. Ford and Granic Allen were considered the more socially conservative candidates in the Tory leadership race, and Granic Allen was the only one to appear by Ford's side as he was declared the winner in March. In a 2013 post discussing Quebec's controversial and ultimately unsuccessful proposal for a charter of values, Granic Allen described niqabs and burkas as "masks" that cover the face. "I don't believe people should dress like ninjas when going for an afternoon stroll. I don't believe that people should dress like bank robbers when going to vote," she said. "My daughter loves wearing a spider-man mask, but I forbid her from wearing it out in public." In another case, she linked to a news story about an attack on two teenage girls in Zanzibar, calling it "yet another reason not to vacation in a Muslim country." Granic Allen said Tuesday that she was voicing concerns about travelling to countries in which there have been terrorist attacks but not advocating against visiting Muslim countries specifically. "I didn't say people shouldn't (go), I just said it perhaps a reason not to," she said, adding that she wants to visit Egypt and see the pyramids. Escaped dog shot at Winnipeg Airport to avoid mishap with aircraft The Canadian Press WINNIPEG: A frightened rescue dog that escaped from a plane and scampered onto a runway at Winnipeg's airport was shot dead by wildlife control officers after officials feared the pooch might cause an accident. Winnipeg-based Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue says the two-year-old golden-Labrador mix, named Greta, fled from a Perimeter Aviation plane Monday after a flight from Shamattawa First Nation. Airport spokesman Tyler MacAfee says the dog ran onto a runway and forced the crew of a WestJet flight from Las Vegas to abort a landing attempt. MacAfee says the dog started to run back toward the runway a second time and, despite efforts by two officers to coax Greta in, the dog could not be corralled and was shot to avoid another conflict with an aircraft. Rebecca Norman, a Manitoba Mutts director, says Greta had been placed in a standard plastic kennel, but it appears she chewed through the side and jumped from the plane when the door opened. Norman says the organization plans to meet with airport officials to discuss ways to prevent similar incidents. "It was a bit of a shock for all parties involved," said Norman. "I think everyone did the best that they could, given the scenario. The outcome was as it should be." Greta was considered a community dog that ran loose, although she wasn't feral and was still approachable, said Norman. "Dogs don't take well to taking trips on airplanes. Any dog would be quite fearful after a flight." Norman said a standard metal kennel had been provided for Greta's transport, but a volunteer in Shamattawa decided the weight was too heavy to load onto a truck, so the dog was left in the plastic kennel. Norman said the rescue group has flown many dogs in plastic carriers before. NS court strikes down human rights decision over medical marijuana The Canadian Press HALIFAX: The Nova Scotia Court of Appeal has struck down a provincial human rights board decision that said an injured man's prescribed medical marijuana must be covered by his employee insurance plan. Gordon "Wayne" Skinner of Head of Chezzetcook, N.S., who suffers from chronic pain caused by an on-the-job vehicle accident, had argued he faced discrimination when he was denied coverage under the Canadian Elevator Industry Welfare Trust Plan. Representatives for the plan had argued there was no coverage for prescription drugs not approved by Health Canada. In February 2017, a human rights board of inquiry agreed with Skinner, saying medical marijuana didn't fall within the exclusions of the plan because it requires a prescription by law. However, Nova Scotia's highest court has rejected that position, saying in a decision released today that the board erred in finding the lack of coverage discriminated against Skinner based on his disability. The court says the plan did not cover medical marijuana because it was not approved by Health Canada, which the court said was a reasonable limit on benefits. "It could not be automatically discriminatory for the trustees (of the plan) to impose reasonable limits on reimbursable benefits," the court's decision said. "Mr. Skinner has access to all the medications available to any other eligible plan member. Mr. Skinner experienced an adverse impact because those medications were not effective for him personally — not because he fell within a protected group described in the Human Rights Act."

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