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The International News Weekly World April 13, 2018 | Toronto 06 Military plane crashes in Algeria, 257 death reported Agency The Il-76 model has been in production since ALGIERS: An Algerian military plane carrying soldiers and their families crashed soon after takeoff Wednesday into a field in northern Algeria, killing 257 people in what appeared to be the North 1970s and has an overall good safety record. It is widely used for both commercial freight and military transport. The Algerian military operates several of the planes. It was the first crash of African nation's worst-ever civil protection services. Several witnesses told an Algerian military plane crash. Algeria's It was scheduled to make Algerian TV network En- plane since February Defence Ministry said a layover in Tindouf in nahar they saw flames 2014, when a U.S.-built those killed included 247 passengers and 10 crew. The cause of the crash was unclear and an investigation has been opened. southern Algeria, home to many refugees from the neighbouring Western Sahara, a disputed territory annexed by Morocco. coming out of one of the planes' engines just before it took off. One farmer said some passengers jumped out of the aircraft C-130 Hercules turboprop slammed into a mountain in Algeria, killing at least 76 people and leaving just one survivor. Algerian authorities The Soviet-designed before the accident. "The The previous deadliest did not mention whether there were any survivors but one witness reported seeing some people jump out of the aircraft before it crashed at 7:50 a.m. Wednesday. The flight had just taken off from the Boufarik Il-76 military transport plane crashed in a farm field with no people nearby, Achour said. Algerian TV Dzair said five people were in a critical state but it's unclear whether they were inside the plane when it crashed. plane started to rise before falling," an unidentified man lying on what seemed to be a hospital bed told Ennahar TV. "The plane crashed on its wing first and caught fire." The victims' bodies have been transported to crash on Algerian soil occurred in 2003, when 102 people were killed after a civilian airliner crashed at the end of the runway in Tamanrasset. There was a single survivor in that crash. Also in 2003, 10 people military base, 30 Footage from the the Algerian army's cen- died when an Algerian kilometres (20 miles) scene showed thick black tral hospital for identification. Air Force C-130 crashed southwest of the capital smoke coming off the after an engine caught Algiers, for a military base in Bechar in southwest field, ambulances and Red Crescent vehicles arriv- The prime minister's office said lawmakers and fire shortly after it took off from the air base Algeria, according ing at the crash site and officials observed a min- near Boufarik, accord- to Farouk Achour, the chief spokesman for the body bags lined up in the field. ute of silence as a tribute to the victims. ing to the Aviation Safety Network. Sikh man jailed in Saudi Arabia with hair chopped off Continued on page 10 This is part of the ‘Kafala’ system in action (note below under ‘Further reading’). Gurwinder took his employer to the Labour Court to recover the overdue salary however, his employer refused to pay. Instead Ayub Abdullah Al Zunedi proceeded to make deductions from Gurwinder’s salary for alleged damage to the vehicle and continued to withhold his salary. On the 9th of September, 2017 during the course of his employment and whilst driving his truck, Gurwinder’s truck was hit by a speeding car. The driver of the speeding car died on impact. Gurwinder maintains that he was driving at a speed of between 30-40 M.P.H and that the driver of the car was allegedly driving at a speed of between 160 and 180 M.P.H. This was backed up by the findings of the Police investigation into the collision. The Police investigation disclosed that Gurwinder Singh was not insured to drive. Gurwinder claims that in Saudi Arabia it is the duty of the employer to insure the employees under the employment contract. Ayub Abdullah Al Zunedi refused to take responsibility; instead he made false accusations against Gurwinder and filed a malicious criminal complaint. The Saudi Police did not investigate Ayub Abdullah Al Zunedi for failing to provide Gurwinder Singh with insurance cover. Gurwinder Singh was tried under Sharia Law and Ordered to pay 2 million and 44 thousand in Saudi Riyal in ‘blood money’ (that is Rs 42 Lakh (approximately £42,000 GB)) to the family of the deceased who have made it clear, that they will not accept anything less than the ‘blood money’ Ordered under Sharia Law. Unless this amount is paid to the satisfaction of the deceased’s family, Gurwinder Singh remains in prison custody. Disappointingly, the Indian Embassy has failed to provide effective Consular excess and independent legal representation to Gurwinder Singh. He did not have legal represented before the Sharia Court and there were no submissions made on his behalf in relation to the facts that his ‘employer’ failed to insure him and that it was the deceased who caused the accident by driving at speed. It was the deceased who ploughed into the vehicle driven by Gurwinder Singh. 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The International News Weekly World April 13, 2018 | Toronto 07 Sikh group creates world record by tying 9,000 turbans in US New York : A Sikh organisation in the US has created a world record by tying thousands of turbans within a few hours as members of the community commemorated the annual Turban Day at the iconic Times Square in New York, spreading awareness about the faith amid incidents of hate crimes against the community. The Sikhs of New York organised Turban Day as part of the annual mid-April celebration of Vaisakhi, which is commemorated by millions of Sikhs annually. This year, the organisation was aiming to set a world record for tying the most turbans during the day-long celebration in Times Square on Saturday. Chanpreet Singh, the founder of the non-profit organisation, told PTI that they tied over 9,000 turbans and are "thrilled" to set the world record for tying thousands of turbans in a few hours. The organisation won a certificate from the Guinness World Record for the "most turbans tied in 8 hours was achieved by Sikhs of NY (USA) in Times Square in New York, USA on April 7, 2018." The Turban Day brought together hundreds of volunteers from the Sikh community who tie colourful turbans on New Yorkers, tourists and Americans from across the country visiting Times Square. While tying the turbans, they also talked about Sikh identity, making people aware of Sikh culture. The event has been aimed at spreading awareness among Americans and other nationalities about the Sikh religion and its articles of faith, especially the turban, which has often been misconceived and misidentified as being associated with terrorism particularly in the years since the 9/11 terror attacks. Sikhs of New York said thousands of New Yorkers and visitors from around the globe crowd into Times Square and came away for the first time wearing a turban on their head and learned about Sikhism, one of the largest religions in the world. "On Turban Day, we tied turbans regardless of age, colour, gender or race," Mr Singh said. "These are core Sikh values and American values that make us Sikh Americans. Our diversity is our strength. The Turban Day has been commemorated in New York since 2013 to educate people about Sikhism, which preaches equality of mankind and all human beings. SAD leader Sikander Singh Maluka faces protest in Aus Continued on page 02 But talking with The Indian Express over phone, Maluka, however, said, “No shoe was hurled on me, there was some sloganeering, but it had no political motive, rather two kabaddi clubs of Melbourne had some tussle with each other and hence persons from other club came to spoil the atmosphere. But police took away two persons and others were turned away from match venue and hence everything went in a smooth manner.” The kabaddi event had been organised by one Kings International Club in Melbourne where Maluka was the chief guest. He had gone to Melbourne on behalf of Punjab Kabaddi Association(PKA) as he is the PKA president. SAD leader Tejinder Singh Midhukhera, who is the vice-president of PKA, was also there with him. Information revealed that a match between the club teams who came from India and Pakistan was going on and Maluka was sitting on stage when around seven youngsters who were part of the audience started raising slogans against Maluka. One Manvir Singh, who too was part of the audience, then reportedly threw his shoe towards the stage with slogans “Maluka Murdabaad”. The shoe did not hit Maluka. Sources revealed that a few empty bottles, plastic chairs too were tossed in the air. However, nothing hit Maluka and Midhukhera as the stage was at a distance from the place of protest. Soon after the incident, security took the youngsters away from the site of the match. Sources also revealed that two persons were also taken in custody by the local police. In a 6 minute video of the incident, a protester justifying the act of throwing a shoe said, “Our friend Manvir Singh threw shoe on Maluka and such persons need this treatment. He should be told to leave Australia.” Another person claimed,”After shoe hurling, Maluka left the stage and went inside.” Maluka, however, said: “Both clubs had a clash….It should not be linked to politics.” Indian man jailed over emailing porn clips to girl Indo-Asian News Service Dubai : An Indian man has been jailed here for three months for sending pornographic video content over e-mail to his Indian family friends 13-year-old daughter and molesting her during his visits to their home. The mother of the girl had found several porn clips sent to the latter in August 2017. The teenager told her mother that the 27-year-old man had been constantly groping and sexually abusing her during visits to their home and had emailed her indecent clips. According to a Gulf News report on Wednesday, the Indian man was ordered to be jailed by the Dubai Court of First Instance in February and deported after he finishes serving his jail term. However, the accused appealed his primary judgement and asked the Appeal Court to acquit him. Appearing before the Appellate Court this week, the Indian man pleaded not guilty and denied sending any emails to the girl. But the judge rejected his appeal and upheld his three-month imprisonment. The girl testified that the accused had constantly groped her and sexually abused her in her house. "Every time he came, he would molest and touch me indecently. He started doing so since I was 11. He emailed me indecent clips. I was scared to inform my parents because he constantly threatened and told me that my mother would beat and send me to India," she said. A policeman said that the man claimed that he had a love affair with the teenager. He also claimed that he constantly hugged and kissed her whenever he visited them during holidays. The Appellate Court ruling remains subject to appeal before the Cassation Court. Pregnant Pakistani singer shot dead for refusing to stand while singing Agency New Delhi : A pregnant Pakistani singer was shot dead after she reportedly refused to stand up while singing at a ceremony. The incident took place on Tuesday in Larkana district of Pakistan. According to a news report by Dawn, the accused was drunk and got miffed at the 24-year-old singer Samina Samoon, also known as Samina Sindhu, for sitting down while she performed at the gathering. The accused, Tarique Ahmed Jatoi repeatedly insisted that she should stand while she sang and when she refused to comply with his request he shot her dead. Samina was rushed to a hospital but was pronounced dead. The singer’s husband revealed that she was six months pregnant and demanded that a case of double murder should be filed against the accused. Jatoi and two of his accomplices have been arrested. JAIN DENTAL Family, Cosmetic, Implant & Sedation Dentistry STRAIGHTER,BRIGHTER & HEALTHIER SMILES In Just A Few Appointments Not Months Or Years! 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