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Page 4 April Edition Southern Pines Today Over 30 Years Covering the Sandhills! Owned by Johnny English we have been providing roofing for our Neighbors for over 30 years. We also offer a large variety of Home Improvements including decks, seamless gutters and home remodeling. FREE ESTIMATES EDPM Rubber Roofs Lifetime Metal Roofing Lifetime Owen’s Corning Shingle Roofing Phil - 910.215.4875 Johnny - 910.315.3371 Save Our Sandhills To Present Program On Solar Energy North Carolina now ranks second in the nation in solar energy production, but many of our citizens are still learning about this new technology and what it means for our landscape. On the one hand, solar energy is regarded as a prime example of clean and renewable energy. On the other hand, we sometimes hear voices that are not so positive. Among the latter are those who point to the loss of farmland and the accompanying potential to damage local agricultural infrastructure systems (feed, seed, fertilizer, and equipment suppliers, etc.). To help us navigate through these issues, Save Our Sandhills will present a program on April 26 giving an overview of solar energy. Speaking and leading the discussion will be Tiffany Hartung, who is the Climate and Energy Policy Manager for the NC Chapter of The Nature Conservancy. Her work focuses on advancing clean energy and climate policies at the state and federal level. The meeting will be at 7:00 PM on Thursday, April 26, 2018 at the Southern Pines Civic Club, at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Ashe Street. Refreshments will be served. The public is invited. For more information call 281-5272.

Southern Pines Today April Edition Page 5 AlWAyS FreSh, Never FrozeN ½ lB USDA Choice Beef, hand Pattied lettuce, Cheese, Tomato, onion, Pickle hand Cut Idaho Fries or Chips oNly $7.75 Daily homemade lunch Specials & Fabulous Dinner entrees You may not be aware that Ballast Point Brewing Company, famed for its Sculpin IPA and fruity renditions of the same beer, was bought in 2015 for $1 billion by Constellation Brands, the company that owns Corona. Or that Lagunitas Brewing Company is now owned fully by Heineken or that Goose Island has since 2011 been a brand of Anheuser-Busch. These are just three of more than a dozen of the country’s most popular and beloved craft breweries that have been purchased by global beverage companies in the past seven years. Indeed, beer brands recently purchased by larger companies now almost dominate many supermarket or liquor store shelves. It isn’t clear how many consumers know this is happening or whether they would care if they did. It also remains to be seen how these transactions will affect how the newly acquired brands taste. But one thing is clear to craft beer brewers, lovers and lobbyists: They feel they’re under attack by what they bitterly call “Big Beer” or “Big Alcohol.” Caveat Emptor Is That Beer You Buy Tonight Really Brewed By An Independent??? According to Bob Pease CEO of Brewers Association, “the incursion began six or seven years ago, after large companies, eyeing craft beer’s growing market share, tried but essentially failed at brewing their own imitations of craft beer — like the short-lived Budweiser American Ale. “So in 2011, AB hit on this strategy of just buying the breweries that had the kind of mojo or street cred that they weren’t nimble enough to replicate in their own breweries,” he says. Today, AB alone owns 10 brands that until a few years ago were independently owned craft breweries. 695-7077 715 SW Broad St., Southern Pines, NC 28387 This has allowed larger beverage companies to strategically pressure beer distributors and retailers into dropping independently owned beers in favor of their own newly acquired brands. As a result, Pease says, small craft brands are being squeezed out of warehouses, delivery vans and, ultimately, supermarkets as shelves become increasingly stacked with what detractors like to call “crafty” beer. “You’ll fi nd Goose Island on tap practically everywhere across the country, and you’ll say, ‘I didn’t know they were that popular,’ and they aren’t,” Pease says. “The distributors are just pushing these brands out there.” The new craft brewery ownership has made it harder for smaller breweries like to get their beer into retail spaces. Convinced that consumers will support small breweries if they are able to identify them, the Brewers Association recently introduced a so-called “independent craft brewer seal.” and logo will only be issued to beer brands that meet the Brewers Association’s defi nition of the term “craft.” Will such a seal affect how beer drinkers make choices in the beer aisle? Probably to some degree, at least. Next time when you bring home a “Man of Law” beer from Southern Pines Brewing rest assured it is a “craft” beer. Edited By: Rick Levinger

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