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April 2018 Mauldin Report


DEPARTMENT REPORTS | FINANCE YTD Revenues & Expenditures Revenues Expenditures $9M $10M $2M $3M $213K $448K $0 $916K 100 General 400 Fire Service 500 Sports Center 600 Debt Service 150 Special Projects $126K $933K 200 Sewer $684K $285K 300 Hospitality & Accommodations $723K $1M 310 Grants $52K $412K 320 Police Community Events $0 $689 350 Victim Advocate Spec Revenue $16K $56K 370 EUDL Alcohol & Drug $1K $150 650 Property Management $130K 800 Police Civil Forefeiture $29K $7K $2.3M $11M $14M TOTAL FUNDS $15M $17M GF & Assoc. Funds All Funds

March Revenues FY 2017 FY 2018 $320K $118K $76K $81K $40K $22K $206K $165K Property Tax H & A Permit Business License DEPARTMENT REPORT | COMMUNITY DEV Cultural Center Updates James and the Giant Peach, Jr. runs April 20-22. Featuring a wickedly tuneful score and a curiously quirky script, the Mauldin Youth Theatre is sure to delight in this “masterpeach!” Visit or call (864) 335-4862 for tickets and details. “Industry of the Upstate” is the theme for this year’s installation of the Mauldin Public Art Trail. Submissions should reflect the ever-changing face of industry within the Upstate with a focus on Mauldin and its surrounding communities. The deadline for proposals is April 16 at 5 p.m. The renovation of the Cultural Center’s auditorium continues to progress, and renderings for architecture, electrical, HVAC and fire sprinkler work have been created. The request for proposals is expected to be released in April with construction expected to start in June. The Cultural Council held its monthly meeting at the Younts Center in Fountain Inn, where they discussed opportunities to raise funding for future expansion and renovations of the Cultural Center. Cultural Attendance 1,692 195 31,838 Development & Annexation The Community Development team and the Chamber of Commerce worked with Chicora Alley on its relaunch as Chicora Alley at Sunset. Community Development also met with Bon Secours about sponsorship of the Mauldin 1,843 March YTD

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