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The Nationwide Academy

The Nationwide Academy Playbook April 23 rd Communication Expand One Product knowledge and success with training resources, marketing materials As PolicyCenter and One Product get closer to being an everyday part of your business, we want to help you get ready and make the transition as smooth as possible. You can check out the following course checklist and listing of job aids as a reference for what training tools are available to you within iLearn where you’ll find the virtual sessions. Course checklist Job aid listing You can also check out these tips for using PolicyCenter to help you hit the ground running when you begin using the new system. This document also includes specific company names to know for placing auto, property and umbrella business in PolicyCenter when you’re using an agency management system. (Continued on next slide) © 2018 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company 10

The Nationwide Academy Playbook April 23 rd Communication One Product One Product makes it easier for you to connect to everything Nationwide has to offer and compete in a complex market. As the transition gets underway, here are a couple of ways to help your agency grow and strengthen your local presence: Marketing e-brochure – Create customizable e-brochures and postcards in Marketing Central to promote the new One Product solutions to prospects. Just go to Marketing Central, search for “One Product” and start building your brochure. SmartRide – SmartRide is now available. Our telematics program offers a valuable discount, appeals to safer drivers and can help benefit retention rates. Drivers can participate in SmartRide through a mobile app, or by plugging a device into their vehicle. This flier gives you more details about how the program works for participants. Support As you’re using the new system, check out this document for links to iLearn and your support numbers and email addresses if you have questions. © 2018 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company 10 Return to Timeline

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