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The Nationwide Academy Playbook June 18 th Training Tactic Training Experience Scorecard (Sales Managers) This scorecard provides sales leadership and key business stakeholders with a universal view of how the agent is progressing through the learning experience and includes registrations, attendance and completions of e-Learning modules, virtual sessions, and Training Connection/Click to Chat interactions. Use the scorecard to ensure agents are signed up for training. Be sure to review the data to identify where your agents would benefit from an engagement conversation or intervention. Although the scorecard will be emailed weekly April 30-July 2 the scorecard can also be found on One Product SalesNation page on the Measures tab. It can also be found through the Nationwide Academy page on the Business Impact>Reports tab. CT/GA/MD/NY Onsite Agent Meeting This is a half-day meeting that will be kicked off by the Sales RVP and AVP. Program Management, Sales Directors and Sales Managers will follow with an overview of One Product. The Nationwide Academy will virtually facilitate a section of the session covering the system changes to PolicyCenter. They will follow with a section on Servicing Trends and Solutions, including Working Activities, Premium Change Reports, Changing the Effective Date of a Policy and Quoting a New Fifth Vehicle Policy. The onsite meeting will be for tier one and tier two agents, as identified by Activation and Sales. Auto, Property and Umbrella Virtual Sessions (Agents) These sessions will focus on reinforcing what was learned in the PolicyCenter eLearning modules. Agents will see Submissions and Policy Changes in the VTO and have conversations about agency management. Agency management includes information about managing your business through this change. © 2018 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company 31 Return to Timeline

The Nationwide Academy Playbook June 25 th Communication communication © 2018 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company 30 Return to Timeline

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