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CDR Catalogue


COMPONENTS MR Safe versions listed in green. Also see page 42/43. Indexable Overlay LB-SBRT-1 LB-SBRT-1-K FreedomX Integrated Table Pad SBRT-FILL-X 5-Point Tension Lock CFJ02 CFJO2-K SBRT SRS H&N SPINE SRS H&N SBRT SRS H&N SPINE Basic Indexable Overlay LB02 LB02-K SBRT SRS H&N SPINE Index Bars IB06-CF IB06-K SBRT SRS H&N SPINE Wall Mount for LB-SBRT-X (FreedomX Overlay) LB-SBRT-WM Intuition Click Frame 2 MM14-IF Intuition Click Risers MM14-IR Replacement Foam Insert MM14-FI SRS H&N SRS H&N Intuition Mask Stabilizer NWB02-MM NWB02-MM-K Wishbone Mask Stabilizer 1 NWB02 NWBO2-K Shoulder Retractors RS02 RS02-K SRS H&N SRS H&N SRS H&N SRS Intuition Adapters 2 STA-FILL-X Shoulder Tech STA-12 STA-12-K Arms Down Hand Indexer LB-HP LB-HP-K SRS H&N SRS H&N Prone Head & Neck Cradle PH08 PH08-K Clam Shell Mask Maker 2 PH08-SD Supine Adapter PH08-SH PH08-SH-K SRS H&N SRS H&N SRS H&N 18 >

1 Not compatible with INTUITION 2 Used for patient set up only 3 Can be configured for Xiphoid Process compression, Spine Align or both 4 Connects to any LINAC couch for treatment use only Indexable Knee Positioner KN1-WDG-1 KN1-WDG-1-K SBRT SRS H&N SPINE Indexable Foot Positioner F-WDG-1 F-WDG-1-K SBRT SRS H&N SPINE Arm / Elbow Support Strap AA203 SBRT SRS H&N SPINE Arms Up Module AU-3 AU-3-K Large Bridge 3 SBRT-BL SBRT-BL-K Small Bridge 3 SBRT-BS SBRT-BS-K SBRT SPINE SBRT SPINE SBRT SPINE Large Compression Assembly CMP-L CMP-L-K SBRT Small Compression Assembly CMP-S CMP-S-K SBRT Spine Align Assembly Pair CMP-SP CMP-SP-K SPINE Couch Extension (H&N) 4 SB02 H&N Couch Extension (S-Type) 4 SB02-ST H&N Couch Extension (Cranial SRS) 4 SB02-S1 SRS Roll Adapter 4 BM02-T Arms Down Hand Indexer 4 SB-HP Aeris Array for ExacTrac BL-A SRS H&N SRS H&N SRS H&N Small Compression Belt COMP-BLT-S SBRT Standard Compression Belt COMP-BLT-L SBRT Extra Large Compression Belt COMP-BLT-XL SBRT < 19

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