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THE THE PROCLINE ADVANCED BREAST SYSTEM PERFECT FIT Our Breast Positioning Systems focus on reproducibility and accuracy. Couple this with patient comfort and ease of setup and you get a wholistic and effective treatment system. 24 >

THE PROCLINE ADVANCED BREAST SYSTEM BREAST Leading the way in breast positioning. The new ProCline takes prone breast positioning to a whole new level ensuring your patient is positioned for comfort, safety, ease of reproducibility and treatment optimization for both whole, partial or accelerated partial left and right breast treatments in the prone position. The contralateral breast pad can also be indexed for accurate placement and reproducibility. The Prone Head Support adjusts to allow for optimal reproducibility and accuracy. Sturdy hand grips, indexable in 3 different positions, place hands and arms outside of the treatment areas comfortably and securely. Millimeter scale located on the top, side and bottom of the reversible Contralateral Breast Plate for ease of reproducibility. Ergonomic design for patient comfort and ease. Height can be adjusted between 16 and 24cm in 2cm increments to optimize patient position in the treatment field. Up to 10° of tilt allowing the apex of a patients’ chest to be accurately positioned. Increase protection to heart and lung tissue. < 25

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