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THE KOILIA MIKROS BELLY BOARD Extremely lightweight at the core. The Koilia Mikros Belly Board is an extremely lightweight, adjustable stabilization platform manufactured from advanced radio-translucent materials. Our unique design provides accurate positioning while minimizing uncomfortable pressure points. It can be customized into multiple configurations using the included modules. FEATURES: > Indexable to treatment couch top with standard indexing bar in two locations > Easy to clean > Customizable patient setup using module set > Setup scale on both sides > Extremely light weight > Soft without any hard edges, for ultimate patient comfort. Interchangeable Head/Chest Support Interchangeable Head/Chest Support Removable Small Bowel Compression Module Removable Belly Support Caudal Aperture Indexable Base BB09-D Koilia Mikros Belly Board 1 ea. Includes Modules: A-1, A-2, B-1, C-1, D-1 MR Safe versions > see page 42/43. 28 >

ACCESSORIES INDEX BARS CDR manufactures and supplies indexing bars to suit all types of simulation and treatment couches. With many options to suit most requirements, all indexing bars are manufactured to exact industry standards to ensure your positioning device and patient are indexed and aligned every time. Carbon fiber indexing bar types are radio translucent and contain no metal parts. Standard SBRT Wide Lateral Offset (2, 4, 6cm left or right) MR Safe (available in all types) Varian Exact System Precise Index System Prodigy Index System Prodigy 2 Index System (Electra, & BL) Standard Carbon IB06-CF B06-CF-EVO IB06-MT1-CF IB06-MT2-CF Carbon Fiber SBRT Wide IB06-CF-01 IB06-CF-EVO-01 IB06-MT1-CF-01 IB06-MT2-CF-01 Carbon Fiber Lateral Offset Standard (2/4/6cm) IB06-CFA IB06-EVO-CFA IB06-MT1-CFA IB06-MT2-CFA Carbon Fiber Standard IB06-O IB06-EVO-0 IB06-MT1-O IB06-MT2-O Aluminum MR Safe Standard IB06-K IB06-EVO-K IB06-MT1-K IB06-MT2-K MR Safe SBRT Wide IB06-01-K IB06-EVO-01-K IB06-MT1-01-K IB06-MT2-01-K < 29

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