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THE FREEDOMX TOTAL BODY PRECISION PATIENT IMMOBILIZATION SYSTEM FOR SRS, SBRT AND MORE. SRS H&N SBRT HIP SPINE Light Weight, Low Density, Better Accuracy. Designed with you in mind! 1 comprehensive system, 8 highly designed modules. The FreedomX is a modular-based precision patient positioning system that is directly indexed to any treatment couch. With eight indexable modules that accurately position your patient in the two primary supine configurations, Arms Up or Arms Down. All patient setup configurations on the FreedomX system are optimized for Arc treatments, and all imaging modalities including Cone Beam imaging. 1 Comprehensive Overlay Module 2 SBRT Module Features of SBRT + Spine Modules > Indexable Module for Arms Up/Back Position > Integrated Table Pads – removable for Indexing Posterior VacuumLock Cushion > Indexable Abdominal Compression Bridge > Indexable Spine Module > Indexable Leg & Knee and Foot Positioning 3 Spine Module 8 >

4 Hand Indexer Module 5 Shoulder Module 6 Mask Stabilization Module Head Stabilization 8 Couch Extension Module 7 Intuition Click Module Head Positioning See more about the multifunctional FreedomX modules < 9

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