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employee notes JANE SWANSON Customer Billing Coordinator Retired Jane Swanson retired after more than 27 years of service. Swanson joined Loup in 1990 as part-time Cashier at the Genoa Office. In 1994, she was promoted to full-time Cashier at the Columbus General Office. She was promoted to Customer Billing Coordinator in 1998 and continued in that position until her retirement. As Customer Billing Coordinator, Swanson’s responsibilities included reviewing and processing all of the District’s billings; coordinating readings, billings, and delinquencies with Loup’s communities outside of Columbus; reconciling District meter inventory; and assisting staff and customers with inquiries. Swanson is a graduate of Genoa High School. She and her husband, Bill, are the parents of four grown children: Josh, Ember, Rochelle, and Jerrad. They also have six grandchildren. Transferred RANDY PROSOSKI Heavy Equipment Operator Randy Prososki of Genoa recently transferred to Heavy Equipment Operator at Loup Power District’s Genoa Headworks. Prososki joined Loup in 1993 as a Maintenance Man at the Headworks. He was promoted to Dredge Operator in 1997. As Heavy Equipment Operator, Prososki’s duties include operation and maintenance of the heavy equipment at the Headworks. He also helps maintain the Loup Power District Canal. A native of Belgrade, Nebraska, Prososki is a graduate of Fullerton High School. Prososki and his wife, Sena, have three children: Eric, Chelsa, and Breana; and five grandchildren. Welcome CINDY GASPER Customer Service Representative Cindy Gasper of Columbus joined Loup Power District as a Customer Service Representative at the Columbus General Office. Gasper’s responsibilities include greeting customers, processing payments, setting up and closing service, and answering phone calls. Gasper is a native of Humphrey. She and her husband, Greg, have four children: Levi, Lindsey, Mikayla, and Michael. Gasper has owned Party Palace in Columbus for 20 years. 1 year TIM RECEK Utilityman Tim Recek of Columbus joined Loup Power District in 2017 as a Utilityman based out of the Columbus Service Center. Recek’s duties include servicing the District’s rental water heaters, delivering interoffice mail, and assisting on other projects as needed. He and his wife, Brenda, have two children: son, Dylan, and daughter, Sydney. 14 GENERATOR

DEB HOADLEY Customer Service Representative Deb Hoadley of Newman Grove joined Loup in 1983 as the Cashier at the Newman Grove Office. In 2009, her position title was changed to Customer Service Representative and she continues in that position today. As Customer Service Representative Hoadley’s responsibilities include greeting customers; processing payments; setting up, transferring, or closing service; taking service calls; and preparing reports. A graduate of Newman Grove High School, Hoadley earned a degree in Business Secretarial Studies from Northeast Community College in Norfolk. She and her husband, Chuck, are the parents of four adult children: Jeff, Angie, Kailey, and Kelly. They have 11 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. 35 years 1 Year + Promotion TRENT CRUMLEY Equipment Operator Trent Crumley was promoted to Equipment Operator at Loup Power District. Crumley joined Loup Power District in 2017 as the District’s Maintenance Man for the Hydro Department based out of the Columbus Service Center. In his new role as Equipment Operator, Crumley operates the District’s heavy equipment and is part of the crew that performs maintenance on the canal system from Genoa to Columbus. He also works at the two powerhouses when needed, helps build substations, and maintains District parks and lakes. Crumley is a graduate of Monroe High School. He and his wife, Shana, have two sons, Dylan and Ethan. 1 Year BLANE KONWINSKI Plant Operator Blane Konwinski of Silver Creek is a Plant Operator at the Columbus Powerhouse. He is part of a team of six Columbus Powerhouse operators who watch over Loup’s hydroelectric system. They monitor and control the generation units at the powerhouses in Columbus and Monroe. The operators also work closely with the Genoa Headworks Division to divert maximum water from the Loup River into the District’s canal system for power plant generation. Other duties include coordinating generation with NPPD’s control center in Doniphan, monitoring 115 kV and 34.5 kV substations, and answering customer service trouble calls. Konwinski is a graduate of Twin River High School. He earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Energy Generation Operations from Southeast Community College in Milford. SPRING 2018 15

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