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BoyBand (5)

35. TATE You should have

35. TATE You should have said whaddup to my boy Josh, he woulda hooked you up! Gerald looks puzzled. GERALD (MATTER OF FACT) Well I wasn't going there to shop. And I didn't know you at the time. I still don't know you! I certainly don't know this Josh you speak of. What a curious comment... Tate for once looks embarrassed while Calvin and James laugh. GERALD I didn’t bring that dreadful form, but alright, I’m Gerald, from Leeds. That’s in England for you daft Yanks. I suppose I like the queen and tea, don’t I? Gerald speaks sarcastically, mocking the audition form he was meant to have filled out. Tate frowns, struggling with the accent. Gerald puts a CD Walkman down and plugs it in. Pause. GERALD Just waiting for the anti-skip. Do you have anything before I start? The boys look at each other, they have never met a Brit. The song finally comes on, Craig David’s sultry “Fill Me In.” Gerald doesn’t bother singing, just starts in with some sweet British dance moves as the lyrics describe a sexy scene. CRAIG DAVID (ON TRACK) I was checking this girl next door, when her parents went out / She phones said "Hey, Boy, come on right around / Gerald keeps dancing and all three boys are impressed. They nod along as the SONG CONTINUES and Gerald keeps on dancing. JAMES Do you sing? Gerald stops in his tracks. GERALD Can’t sing, mate. Tate stops the song and swiftly points at Gerald.

36. TATE You’re in. I don’t know if I have band authority, but Austin Powers gets my vote. James and Calvin nod in agreement. JAMES I’m good with that. Alright, welcome to Boy Band. Gerald gives a confused look. CALVIN We need to work on that name. JAMES In due time. First, we need to work on our moves. Battle is in three weeks so we can't waste time. We'll practice at school, I secured us the upper gym. CALVIN Oh, so people can watch and laugh? James gives him a matter of fact look. JAMES Well if you're worried then we’ll just have to get there early. 3.3 INT. – SCHOOL GYM – EARLY MORNING Gerald, Calvin, and Tate sit on the logo of a cartoon JFK in the middle of the gym. They are bleary-eyed to be up this early. JAMES (UPBEAT) Okay, Gerald, teach us some moves! Gerald sighs as he gets up, he isn’t a morning person. GERALD Alright dancing is all about bass. If you can find the backbone of the song, you will never be lost. Tate cues up his mobile sound system to a generic beat. On every thumping bass beat Gerald does a simple two-stomp walk and turn.

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