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BoyBand (5)

43. Gerald, clearly into

43. Gerald, clearly into the idea, just shakes his head. GERALD He absolutely must do this. Gerald turns to James and is nearly tearful. Godspeed. GERALD James, excited and nervous, turns, gets in the car and it drives off. Tate and Gerald chest bump while Calvin isn’t as thrilled. The next car HONKS, a pink VW bug. Brittany and her mom, Tammy Talis, 46, get out and approach the nervous boys. BRITTANY Hey, Calvin. My mom and I wanted to support the band! Where’s James? Calvin is excited Brittany remembers his name, but annoyed that she is more interested in James. He covers for him nonetheless. CALVIN He’s...taking care of something. BRITTANY Oh too bad. Well can we still get a wash? Do you do inside and outside? Tate crosses talks a big game in a vein attempt to flirt. TATE Oh yeahhh. Calvin, in one of his moods, retrieves his shirt. CALVIN Gerald, get the outside. Do a good job on her flower petal headlights. I’ll take the interior. The boisterous Car Wash has mellowed as Calvin somberly cleans the interior of Brittany’s car. Gerald flirts with Brittany’s Mom as he cleans the headlights. Tate is nervous talking alone with Brittany. BRITTANY What’s with him? TATE Calvin? Oh my boy’s been sweating you for a minute!

44. Tate just blurts it out. BRITTANY Calvin Molina like me? But we've in the same class since kindergarten! That is actually kinda sweet... The cleaning of the car continues in akward silence before Calvin comes out and approaches Brittany. Tate falls silent. Brittany smiles at Calvin, giving him a little life. CALVIN Ten bucks is all. Brittany hands over the money then looks at her Mom. BRITTANY (TO HER MOM) Mom, stop flirting. Let's go. Brittany and her Mom get back in her car. BRITTANY Thanks, guys. Good luck with the band. Tell James I said hi. The pink VW drives off and Calvin smiles. CALVIN Her car smells so good. TATE Damn dude, she is hotter up close. GERALD I'd take the Mom! James is seen in the distance, running back to the car wash. Upon return he hunches over, out of breath. The band gathers.. TATE Dude, what went down? GERALD Did you bang her, mate? Calvin just raises his eyebrows, awaiting the report. JAMES I just want to focus on the band, get laid the right way. Tate nods at the admirability of James' sentiment.

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