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BoyBand (6)

13. Tate shakes his head

13. Tate shakes his head and reveals he’s wearing a pair. TATE No, you idiots, wear them under your shorts. It’s 9 am. This is Ms. Dobson’s class. Once she starts don’t wanna be getting morning wood! JAMES Good point. And Brittany is in this class. James looks over to TJ who is now just making bird noises and spanking the other guys while signing Lionel Richie. TJ I had her ‘All night lo-ong! All ni-ght!' James is in a hurry to exit this scene and stuffs his feet into a pair of knock-off Air Jordans that look like they might fall apart. As he laces up, two other students notice. STUDENT #1 Nice fake Jordans you got. Are those the air ankle breakers? STUDENT #2 Yeah, break your own ankles! Those are hella ghetto. James exits the locker room in a huff, leaving Calvin and Tate behind. Calvin puts on the compression shorts and nods. CALVIN Good lookin’ out. TATE Ain’t no thang. My boy over at Foot Action hooked it up. A quiet moment passes as Tate laces up his sneakers. TATE You gotta feel for him, bro. When a woman’s got you all wound up like that? And I don’t blame him, Brittany is fine as hell. Calvin chuckles to himself. Tate shoots him a look. TATE What, you don’t think so?

14. TATE No, I do. I really, really do. Now Calvin is overdoing it and tries to reign it back. CALVIN It’s just that...and this is going to sound so stupid, but I kinda liked her first. EXT. – ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, PLAYGROUND – FLASHBACK A sun washed scene shows two students on the playground, running and laughing, YOUNG CALVIN and YOUNG BRITTANY. Brittany gives Calvin a peck on the cheek and he turns red. CALVIN (O.S.) This one time in 5th grade we kissed. Well, she kissed me. INT. – JFK HIGH, BOYS LOCKER ROOM – MORNING Tate raises his eyebrows sensing the love triangle. TATE Does James know that? CALVIN No, he moved here during 6th grade. TATE That’s tight. But bros over hoes, ammiright? The only code we got. Tate puts his fist out for the pound to which Calvin daps. 2.2 INT. – JFK HIGH, MAIN GYM – MORNING Ms. ARIANNA DOBSON, 31, leads a P.E. class which consists of talking to the popular kids and letting everyone else do what they want. Calvin and Tate sit in the bleachers. TATE Why is she teaching here? She could be on the cover of Maxim. Some of the students have organized themselves into a long line with two basketballs at the front, playing an elimination game called ‘Bump’. The goal is to make your shot before the person in front of you, but you are allowed to bump the other ball across the gym in the process.

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