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April 2018

Monthly newsletter of the Tamborine Mountain Little Theatre

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Page 2 April 2018 In a sheep pasture outside the little town of Parkes in New South Wales stands the pride and joy of Australian astronomy, a radio telescope the size of a football field. Most days it eavesdrops on the stars. In 1969, it gets a momentous assignment: relaying the television signals from the moon that will show Neil Armstrong's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Parkes is agog. This is the town's shining hour. The Dish, a smiling human comedy, treats the moon walk not as an event 240,000 miles away, but as a small step taken by every single member of mankind, particularly those in Parkes. Cast Sam Neill as Cliff Buxton Tom Long as Glenn Latham Patrick Warburton as Al Burnett Genevieve Mooy as May McIntyre Arthur Page Observatory At last month’s meeting, Jaap Vogel spoke of plans to rebuild an observatory building, on land provided under an agreement with John Penglis, owner of Cedar Creek Winery, to house the original Arthur Page telescope, which was acquired eight years ago. On 19 May a special screening will take place at the Zamia Theatre of the Australian comedy The Dish. As a curtain-raiser, a silent movie from 1902 will be screened, about a journey to the moon, followed by a short presentation about the progress of the TM Universe project. The $10 entrance fee for this special event will help rebuild a local TM Observatory, as well as establishing a planetarium and science centre. You are invited to attend the screening, which takes place with the support of TMLT. Bring your own food and/or beverages with you. Seating will be at tables, cabaret-style. Jaap Vogel Our President—Cath Buckley A most successful day on the mountain welcoming the Commonwealth games baton wound up with entertainment at Geissmann Oval, where President Cath presided with aplomb as compere of the afternoon’s performances. Cath is a consummate performer and pulled the show together with her usual skill, filling in time between acts with amusing banter. She is now preparing for perhaps her most revealing role in amateur theatre when she gets ready to pose for the CWA calendar of the year! Cath has just celebrated a milestone wedding anniversary with the love of her life, who also appears in the June production. We wish her and the cast a successful and fun rehearsal period. Bookings now open at

Page 3 April 2018 The Darkest Hour Movies on the Mountain Saturday 5th May 2.30pm and 7.30pm All tickets $6.00 Gary Oldman has already won a Golden Globe for his performance as Winston Churchill in Joe Wright's Darkest Hour, and he could very well go all the way to Oscars glory in the coming months. He displays astonishing range, exactly what's needed in a film that conveys the power of a formidable parliamentarian, while also pulling back the curtain to reveal significant vulnerabilities. Set on the eve of the allied evacuation of Dunkirk — a chapter of the war featured in Wright's 2007 film Atonement — the film centres on three key speeches, culminating in the defiant ‘fight them on the beaches’ address. Churchill is depicted as a mercurial man prone to crippling self-doubt, but driven by an impassioned belief in the antifascist cause. This puts him at odds with dissenters in his own party, who seek to strike a deal with Hitler — notably Neville Chamberlain and Lord Halifax, played with starchy resentment by Ronald Pickup and Stephen Dillane. Elsewhere, the supporting cast includes Kristen Scott Thomas as Churchill's supportive wife Clemmie and most forthright critic, and Ben Mendelsohn, popping up as an inspired choice as the circumspect King George. Film Club—Fly Away Home Sunday 15th April 5.30 for 6.00. Bring your own drinks and nibbles. Entry, free for members. Membership $10 annually includes TMLT membership.

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