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EDITORIAL Stephen Hawking Dies at 76; a New Star Wanders the Cosmos There is a variety of theories about life in space. Nevertheless, even though there is not real evidence about it, all humans know there is a man roaming cosmos: Stephen Hawking. The British scientist and physicist, author of “A Brief Story of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes”, died on March 14th, at the age of 76. Nobody knows what caused his death, but according to his family’s spokesman, Professor Hawking passed away peacefully. Dr. Hawking is considered as the scientist who has been able to make a revolution on modern physics by applying quantum theory, which is in charge of explaining subatomic activity. Actually, he is the best-selling author with more than 10 million copies all over the world. Nonetheless, it was in 1973 when Stephen Hawking proposed different thoughts about black holes’ properties, claiming that their gravitational pits are so dense that even sound and light patterns can be attracted by them. There are a lot of people who have succeeded in spite of their physical limitations. However, there has been one man who has gone beyond Helen Keller’s thought: Professor Hawking. This Cambridge University professor suffered from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a neuromuscular disease that reduced his bodily control. Although he was diagnosed in 1963, Dr. Hawking could be awarded first class honors at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. Additionally, he held a PH.D since 1965, being in a wheelchair, but wining the Adams Prize for his thesis called “Properties of Expanding Universes”. Moreover, Hawking leaves three children and three grandchildren who said “We are deeply saddened that our beloved father and grandfather passed away” Professor Hawking’s life and legacy has been portrayed in different ways. For instance, he appeared on Warner’s Big Bang theory “I choose not to place "DIS", in my ability.” Helen Keller Picture taken from: analyzing Sheldon Cooper’s work on magnetic fields. Also, “The Simpsons” have shown distinct episodes where the audience can see the brilliant mind he used to have. In fact, PH. D Neil de Grasse Tyson said that “His courage and persistence as well as his brilliance and humor inspired and will inspire people across the world” Finally, Hawking’s work, not since Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton, has become an emblem for all modern theorists, pushing his limits and making the world be what it is nowadays. Pictures taken from: _Hawkin By: Brian ……Teens Advanced. And, Maria Paz Gutierrez, Senior 2. 1

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