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CULTURAL NEWS The Jamaican supports that some phrases of “we can’t stop sign” (song throw in 2013) Were taken of this topic “we run things” Picture taken from: https://www.reggaecollec tor. com/en/detail/index.php Frida Kahlo Magdalena Carmen Frida She was an authoress of Kahlo (Coyoacán, approximately 200 works, Mexican, on 6 of July principally self-portraits, 1907, abidem, 13 July, in which it project his 1954) was a Mexican difficulties for surviving. painter. His life was Kahlo’s word and that of marked by the mishap of husband, the recognized contracting poliomyelitis painter Diego Rivera, they and later for a serius were influenced mutually. accident in his youth that kept her humbled in bed The phrase that was most heard was ‘more tequila’ during long periods, managing to surrender even to 32 surgical operations. It took a slightly conventional life. His pictorial work turns thematically concerning his biography and his own suffering. By Victoria teens advanced. Picture taken from: Holy Week: Vacation or Reflection? A Dilemma That Has Not Been Solved. Do you want to have fun? Do you want to travel? Do it with us! Miami Beach is waiting for you! … Well, this is one of the most common types of advertisement people see these days on the verge of Holy Week since most of the companies, schools and universities do not open all over the world, specifically in Colombia. A lot of people profit from this time to go different places in order not to think of all their duties and responsibilities. However, even though it might be the best plan ever, distinct branches of knowledge do not agree, starting a debate on this. Catholic Church claims that Holy Week is not going to the beach, according to Bishop Camillo Gregorio. Additionally, he thinks that instead of having a trip, this week must be used to reflect upon our sins. On the other hand, Muslims say that although this tradition is not tied to their religion, it is something that should be respected. Also, Pope Francis comes up with a very neutral stand “All Catholics must celebrate Holy Week the way they want to do it, respecting their own beliefs and behaving well since God is paying attention to us” On the other side, it has to be taken into account that atheists claim that Holy Week is a time measurement that has nothing to do with religion and that can be used to relax. In brief, Holy Week is not about praying or travelling, it is about being a good person wherever you are, fortifying bonds, loving your family and forgiving. By Victoria teens advanced. Picture taken from: -week-2017/ 4

ENTERTAINTMENT Stranger Things Stranger things produce in 1983 in circa Hawking is about 4 boys playing D&D (dungeos & dragons) there was Lucas, Willy, Dustin and mike but one night will goes missing riding on his bike, this night a little girls appear her name was eleven she doesn’t had hair on her head, she had been so close to the dead, courtesy of Dr. Benner By Maria Fernanda Teens Advanced. Picture taken from: /series/stranger-things/ who’s hunting her, Joyce was hanging Christmas lights in the web, started hearing something willy had said this could be a message from the beyond, but what happened to barb? She’s just gone in the upside down, the upside down is parallel dimension, Hopper’s on top of the case while El is throwing vans into space. Stay tune for the second season now released on Netflix. 4 Rare Breeds of Cats in the World Sphinx: They have a very unusual appearance. They are a race that has very little hair and very wrinkled skin, but they have a very thin layer of hair. Many people like to tattoo them this can be painful for them and harmful to health. American curl: They have a large mane but also stand out their ears that curl back, these only come to notice ten days after birth. Savannah: This breed can be very exotic because they are very expensive. They are very similar to dogs because they are loyal, they follow orders, they do not fear water, they are very smart. Picture taken from: our-pet-experts/5-reasonsthe-savannah-might-be-theright-cat-breed-for-you Devon Rex: Although they have a similarity, they are called rare because they have little hair but curly. Their ears are very large, their eyes too, large and oval. 5

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