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GAMES, STORIES & TECHNOLOGY Mario Bros Picture taken from: Imgur page. In the year 1983 and next 1985 the next 1988 next 1990 and 1994 next 1996 next 2004 next 2007 next MARIO 2008 and the most famous Mario odyssey in the year 2014. Mario Bros is a game more Antique from Jun 1 1983 until the 2018 is a game very popular this game is very funny every people play this game and herself the Mario game is a game of plataformers and the celebrity need destroy the enemies and go to the next level and thrown ball of fire even play with others celebrity how Luigui princes peach Yoshi even Wario and the end to game fight to the end enemy browser and rescue the princess Pokemon Ultra Sun Prepare for a vacation in the region of alola where in addition to fun you will find Pokémon from the other common regions, legendary, guardians of the islands and ultraentear help tapu koko with the ultraenteres. Travel in an ultra-portal, solgaleo and help defeat necrozma in this ultra-generic game you are a coach you have to form a friendship with a Pokémon in the game. Picture taken from: pokemon-ultra-sun-for-citra.html By: Nicolas Warframe Just Dance Warframes are divided into a collection of diverse models, each of which personifies a great warrior spirit. Players may don the Excalibur Warframe to gain its prowess with bladed weapons, for instance. Each model of Warframe is moreover highly reconfigurable, meaning players can tailor their choice of Warframe to fit a multitude of playstyles. While certain Warframes excel in a particular situation, none are limited to a singular role and no role demands the use of a singular warframe. The game is free and is supported by the '' platinum '' or '' pl '' which is one of the 2 essential coins of the game, the card games, the money games with other players, while the credits are obtained more normal way in missions or alerts that gives you the same game with special objects. By: Daniel Picture taken from: frame Just Dance is a very good game. You can dance the way the characters do. This game can be used with Kinect, Play Station or Just Dance app, which can be downloaded from tha Play store or App store. There are many songs you can dance to. You can also sing to get more points. While the avatar dances the lyrics also appear in your screen. The game is greatly recomedable for all ages and it’s very fun because it helps yu move and exercise your body. So get your friends and family together and be active. By: Felipe Martinez Londoño, Senior 2. Pictures taken from: Dance_2018 7

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