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What’s A Point & How

What’s A Point & How Can I Get Some? By Lisa Dillon, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, FP-OR & Nancy Smithman, FP-OR Earning points can sometimes be confusing, especially if you’re a new member. So, what do they mean and why do you want them? At OPPA, there are three kinds of points. First, there are Image Points. Image points are earned when a photographic work is judged at an OPPA Image Competition and receives a score of 80 or above. Additional Image Points can be earned if you receive a trophy or other image competition award at the Member Appreciation Banquet held in December. The second kind of point is Service Points, which are also very important. They can be earned by serving on the Board of Directors of OPPA, attending an OPPA-hosted workshop or being part of a committee such as the Competition Committee. An extra point may also be earned by going above and beyond the typical work performed by a committee member. Last but not least, we have Speaking Points which are earned by speaking or instructing at an OPPAapproved workshop or class or judging in an OPPA Competition or by being an OPPA mentor. 12 • FOCUS OREGON

So now that you know how to get points, the big question is why do we want them? We love to accrue points because when you have earned the right number of each kind of points, you can earn a degree from OPPA! You may have noticed folks wearing ribbons around their necks at OPPA events and wondered what they were. Those ribbons stand for the Associate Fellow of Photography and Fellow of Photography degrees that OPPA awards its members. They represent many hours committed to OPPA in the form of image competition, serving in leadership or on committees and sharing knowledge through teaching and mentoring. They are the visible embodiment of victory over image competition bruises and battles and hours spent learning or teaching and giving back to the association that provides professional development for serious photographers. And those ribbons also represent shared times with good friends in the industry who are striving for excellence right alongside each of us. We look at these ribbons and medallions as badges of honor and we wear them proudly. In light of this, keep in mind that there are two more members-only competitions coming up before the end of the year, June 14 and September 13, and then the annual Open Competition held as part of our Luminate event on November 10th. These competitions are especially important because besides giving us the opportunity to earn points and trophies, they enable us to “try out” our images before the Western District Competition where images scoring 80 or above will be “sealed” (guaranteed a merit) in the big annual International Print Competition/IPC. So, get out there, submit your images to the quarterly coming up and you’ll be on your way to earning a coveted degree! For more information on point values, please visit the Policies section of the OPPA website at As a photographer, Nancy tells stories through her images, preserving both the dramatic and ethereal details. Her lens takes you to faraway places like Burkina Faso and Nicaragua, while reminding you that sometimes the greatest story lives on a dead end road off the Oregon coast. She is inspired by the raw beauty of the world, seeking both the under appreciated and the striking elements of place and culture. Nancy’s presence–her ability to see the world and her experiences as they are– allows the heart of each moment in her photographs. Lisa Dillon is a Master Craftsman Photographer and CPP from Portland Oregon. She has also earned the Fellow of Photography degree from OPPA. She is in her 14th year of business and specializes in high school senior, business and family photography. She is a past president of the Professional Photographers of Oregon (PPO) and currently serves as President of OPPA. Lisa is an approved juror for the OPPA and has served as a PPA Councilor representing Oregon since 2013. SPRING 2018 FOCUS OREGON • 13

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