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Icing On The Cake Of course, as with all “rules” there are exceptions, and the rules I’ve stated up to this point are no different. Sometimes there can be a very creative approach to a presentation that does draw the attention of the viewer, but does it intentionally in a way that enhances the experience of the image. The image to the right makes use of a presentation where the cat’s whiskers break the confines of the keyline, thereby making the cat seem to be bursting out of the frame. This next image was actually a physical print in which the maker decided to use a wire mesh screen as a part of her presentation. This added an extra layer of depth and realism to the image, which not only helped tell the story of the image, but also gave extra points for IMPACT! Faye Johnson Ultimately, when it comes to presentation, the key is always to enhance the image while never becoming distracting or detracting from the image. A quality image should certainly have the fortitude to stand on its own and embody many of the other 12 elements, but just like with cake, a good image will always benefit from a little icing on top! To learn how to create a mat: Christie Newell Sam Tarrel is a Fine Art Portrait and Commercial photographer in Hillsboro, Oregon. Sam is the owner of Light Science Studios. Sam is extremely active in image competition and his passion for photography is rivaled only by his passion for teaching and educating others. His ultimate goal is always to help each student achieve the most they can in their craft. He is very active in the Oregon PPA and holds his Certification with PPA. He is an informative and engaging instructor, committed to his industry and colleagues, and his students always come away with a greater understanding and confidence in their work after working with him. 20 • FOCUS OREGON

Wealth in Photography By Alexis Dowdle The most daunting part of running any business is money. According to, “Nine out of ten startups will fail.” In a study conducted by “Statistic Brain...the failure rate of all U.S. companies after five years was over 50 percent, and over 70 percent after 10 years.” Many of us in the photography industry are entrepreneurs, so these are scary statistics. There are those of us who have successful businesses, but are unsure how to grow, increase sales, or make it through the slow winter period. We have the artistic talent, but how do we thrive in the harsh world of business? Fortunately, we have an opportunity to learn from Bill Sorenson, a man who has very successfully run his photography business for almost 50 years. Bill has built a very impressive resume over his career, most notably, he has sold a whopping $55,000,000 in portrait photography. At one point he went from being broke, to making $2,000,000 in a year. He has photographed professional athletes, famous actors, entertainers and politicians including a US President. His clientele also includes CEOs and Presidents of major corporations, among them are AT&T, eBay, Chevron, Marriott, Coors, PayPal, Nike, and Wells Fargo. Basically he knows what he’s talking about! When Bill isn’t making art, he spends his time mentoring photographers one-on-one and helping them achieve more wealth. Aptly, the name of his presentation is “Wealth in Photography.” In this presentation, he will go over how to produce a year round marketing plan, the four key elements for maximum sales, how to eliminate and overcome any objection, how to double or triple your sales average, and building a price list that sells for you. His April 12th presentation will introduce these topics and then, he will provide a more hands on learning experience on April 28th, where you will produce your own marketing plan, price list, and have Bill to answer any of your questions. Lisa Dillon, our 2018 OPPA president, said, “Years ago, I attended a full-day workshop will Bill and learned some very valuable techniques for doing in-person sales that completely transformed how I conducted business and led to tripling my sales averages. I’ve been using his techniques for over 10 years with fantastic results!” To prepare to write this article, I listened to an interview Bill did with Photofocus in 2015. If that interview is any indication of the presentation to come on April 12th, I would recommend bringing a pen and paper because you will be taking a lot of notes! I was moved by the way discussed creating an emotional experience for his clients and the way those emotional experiences lead to sales. I also discovered that Bill Sorenson took my mother’s senior portraits and he photographed my parents wedding! These images of my mother and of my parents are beautiful and ones I cherish. My mother’s bridal portrait is hanging in a beautiful frame in my parent’s bedroom today. I was inspired by the way he described his own work. He called it “a piece of art.” I know from personal experience this is true. This is what we do as photographers-we are makers of art. To paraphrase, he said that when you are showing or describing your work you are selling yourself. Bill is giving back to the photography community by teaching us his hard earned knowledge and making sure that we don’t sell ourselves short so that we can all achieve “Wealth in Photography.” Bill Sorenson SPRING 2018 FOCUS OREGON • 21

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