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2018 OPPA BOARD President - Lisa Dillon M.Photog.Cr., CPP, FP-OR, PPA Councilor 2013-2018 Vice President - Sam Tarrel M.Photog.Cr., CPP, FP-OR, CPP Liaison Immediate Past President - Aaron Hockley Cr.Photog., FP-OR Secretary - Bryan Welsh M.Photog.Cr., CPP, API, FP-OR, PPA Councilor, 2016-2018, CPP Liaison Treasurer - April Kroenke M.Photog.Cr., CPP, AFP-OR, CPP Liaison Bylaws, Rules, & Ethics - Bryan Welsh M.Photog.Cr., CPP, API, FP-OR, PPA Councilor, 2016-2018, CPP Liaison Connie Mintz Competition - Rekha Varghese Education - Raj Sarda AFP-OR Marketing & Communications - Julie Countryman Member Value - Nancy Steele CPP Director at Large - Alexis Dowdle CONTENTS 3 Presidents Message 4 7 Steps To Becoming A CPP 6 Lightroom’s Golden Rules 10 Back Button Focus 12 What’s A Point? How Can I Get Some? 15 Image Titles - The 13th Element 18 Icing On The Cake 21 Wealth In Photography 23 Emergence - By Brian Pasko FOCUS OREGON VOLUME 1 ISSUE—SPRING 2018 Published by the Oregon Professional Photographers Association 14925 SW Barrows Rd. Ste. 109 #501 Beaverton, OR 97007 Send editorial queries to: Lisa Dillon Magazine Designer: Julie Countryman Editors: Julie Countryman, Lisa Dillon, Alexis Dowdle Contributors: Howard Burkholz, Lisa Dillon, Alexis Dowdle, Mark Fitzgerald, April Kroenke, Pete Rezac, Nancy Smithman @oregonppa

Lisa Dillon, President Welcome to the inaugural edition of Focus Oregon, our OPPA Magazine. We are so excited you’re here--we’ve got some great content for you! Our members and friends of OPPA have been busy writing and editing and designing articles for you. Are you curious about image competition but need some help on titling or presentation? Well this is the place to find out the ins and outs of choosing a great storytelling title or how to put the “icing on the cake” of your images so they sparkle for image competition. Or maybe your interest lies in understanding the CPP program—do you want to be a certified professional photographer but find yourself confused on how to even get started? Let April Kroenke show you the 7 Steps to Becoming a CPP. Maybe you’re a Lightroom user who is tired of losing track of images. If so, Mark Fitzgerald breaks it down for you in his article Lightroom’s Golden Rule—the guide to ensuring that Lightroom always knows where everything is. If you’ve never tried using back button focus on your camera, Pete Rezac gives you some good information on why you might want to give it a try—I’ve used it for 13 years and it’s always the first thing I set up when I get a new camera. Perhaps you’ve noticed that some people wear ribbons with medals and pins at our OPPA events—have you ever wondered what those ribbons are? Or maybe you’d like to get one for yourself? There’s a comprehensive article that explains what the ribbons are, how they are earned and what you need to do to get one for yourself! Our good friend and affiliate partner, Howard Burkholz from Allstate, explains why you need liability insurance if you are a professional photographer. And he explains the other types of insurance you should have to protect yourself and your assets as well as your clients. Last but not least, we’ve got a great biography of Bill Sorenson who will be teaching a phenomenal class on generating wealth in photography at the end of the month (April 28th). If you’ve been on the fence about signing up for that class, check out his bio and let that be your guide! --Lisa President, OPPA SPRING 2018 FOCUS OREGON • 3

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