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MAT 144 Topic 1 Discussions GCU

MAT 144 Topic 1 Discussions

MAT 144 Topic 1 Discussions GCU discussions-gcu/ Or Email us on MAT 144 Topic 1 DQ 1 In Chapter 1 of the text (1-13) you will look at calculating a monthly payment for a loan. A simpler problem is to compute the amount a loan would cost you in one month. Using information from an internet source, determine the current interest rate a credit card or loan. Suppose you borrow $1000 (or spend $1000) on a credit card. How much will you owe in one month? 6 months if you pay nothing for 6 months? Compute the 6 month cost in two ways: 1. Make 6 monthly computations. Enter these as formulas in a spreadsheet. (The goal here is really getting you to use spreadsheets and formulas for computations.) 2. Use the formula, A= 1000(1 + r) N where N = the number of periods (6) and r = the periodic interest rate = APR/12, where APR is the annual percentage rate.

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