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CONTACT Magazine (Vol.18 No.1 – April 2018)

The first issue of the rebranded CONTACT Magazine — with a brand new editorial and design direction — produced by MEP Publishers for the Trinidad & Tobago Chamber of Industry & Commerce

INNOVATORS batteries

INNOVATORS batteries with Calcium Shield Technology, which basically means that you never have to worry about maintaining your battery as the structure and composition of the materials and chemicals minimise water loss, extending the overall life of your battery.” Technology modernises battery production The new TRACK plant is located at e TecK’s Industrial Park, Arima, on 44,000 square feet of land, and will have the capacity to supply the Caricom market. The new factory has cutting-edge technology with a modular design, allowing for ease of expansion in the future. The equipment is state-of-theart, and the manufacturing process will be fully automated, with quality control stations at every stage. The first phase of configuration will allow for the production of automotive and heavy-duty batteries, which will supply Lange’s current local and regional export markets. The plant will provide employment for 20 to 50 people at its maximum capacity by year-end, creating highly technical jobs for a different class of manufacturing. The TRACK brand has three differentiating points of value, according to Ibrahim Abdool, Marketing Manager, Lange Trinidad. The new factory has cuttingedge technology with a modular design, allowing for ease of expansion in the future “VR Guard Technology protects your battery against the rigours of driving in harsh conditions. Secondly, Power Plus Technology ensures that the battery is able to start all modern vehicles which carry more components and features than in the past. “We are also developing the Targeting one million units Blanc is keenly looking to the future. “Once the plant is up and running, we will be ready to export. We have already commenced negotiations with partners in the Greater and Lesser Antilles, as well as South and Central America. From our early interactions, they are very impressed with where we are going, and with the product and operations of the company. Our goal is to manufacture one million units within the next five years. We want TRACK to be seen as an international brand with the ability to compete on quality in the international market.” In the medium to long term, Lange plans to add renewable energy, and industrial traction batteries for fully electric equipment, to its product line. Blanc explains: “As vehicles become more automated, with increasingly complex electronic systems and equipment, we will monitor changes in the market, and we have set up the plant so it will be easily adaptable to manufacture batteries of any specification. “Our mission has always been to provide high quality products at competitive prices, so this move into manufacturing will allow us to focus on quality control and competitiveness, while adapting as the industry evolves.” 12 Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce 625-4411

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