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CONTACT Magazine (Vol.18 No.1 – April 2018)

The first issue of the rebranded CONTACT Magazine — with a brand new editorial and design direction — produced by MEP Publishers for the Trinidad & Tobago Chamber of Industry & Commerce

transforming t&T Making

transforming t&T Making things new What can individuals and communities do to help transform Trinidad and Tobago? Perhaps we should all find out about rejuvenation WORDS By: pat ganase For everything under the sun, there are seasons of decline and seasons of renewal. Every Jouvay, every Panorama, every Carnival, every year, masqueraders and musicians play and renew themselves and their art. Every successful business knows cycles of downturn and rejuvenation. Now the pace of change in the world is quickening: can Trinidad and Tobago rejuvenate itself out of its present decline? As the downturn in our economy threatens our wealth and stability, it is wise to count blessings and achievements. Against the odds, we have had a national airline for over 75 years. We have a regional university and a national university. We have products known the world over: La Brea pitch, Trinitario cocoa, the sound of steel. Trinbagonians become stars wherever they find themselves. We are seen as a place with which to be strategically linked. We have festivals for every tribe that calls these islands home; and the foods and spices to match. Such things should give us courage. But we need to look again at other industries and enterprises that we have come to consider foundational, but which may now have to be replaced or rejuvenated; or which we may have thought to be beneath our status as an oil-rich nation. We need to consider the global forces shaping our economy, and whether we should not strengthen our sense of ourselves as full global citizens, who must share the responsibility for what is happening to our world. 22 Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce

olepeshkina/ Fresh produce is successfully being sold by Green Market Santa Cruz directly to the community 23 Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce

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