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CONTACT Magazine (Vol.18 No.1 – April 2018)

The first issue of the rebranded CONTACT Magazine — with a brand new editorial and design direction — produced by MEP Publishers for the Trinidad & Tobago Chamber of Industry & Commerce

transforming t&T Left

transforming t&T Left Cocobel Chocolates’ owner Isabel Brash is a chocolate-making pioneer, transforming locally grown cocoa into exceptional confectionery. Below left Adrian Foster is an award-winning designer, whose fashionable Caribbean lines have been exhibited at New York Fashion Week and on Project Runway courtesy cocobel Climate change More severe storms, prolonged wet or dry seasons, the flooding of low-lying areas, and sea-level rise: these are some of the challenges that we should expect to face as the world gets warmer. As a species, we must join with the other eight billion other people on our planet to keep the temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius. As individuals, we can start community action. As an oil and gas nation, with one of the highest per capita carbon footprints in the world, we can reduce our carbon production, mitigate it, rejuvenate plants and processes, conserve. Is carbon dioxide from our major industrial plants (LNG, methanol, gas processors) reusable? Some of the practices we need to adopt reduction of waste, recycling, conservation may seem futile to the ordinary citizen. But it is up to corporations to lead in the wise disposal of waste, including the byproducts of industrialisation. Plastics More efficient use of resources is generally seen as one of the keys to profitability and sustainability. At the rate at which we consume goods and services on our two islands, the recovery and re-use of waste should be a viable enterprise. How might we be innovative in producing a continuous cycle? Products from recycled plastics now range from cottage-industry reusable bags and woven rugs to new fabrics for shoes and blankets, industrial faux lumber, construction and road paving materials. Are we up to that challenge? michele jorsling courtesy adrian foster New energy As the world turns to renewable sources such as wind, wave and solar energy, might it be a natural step for the national electricity company to expand its business into the installation of solar panels, tapping a new, clean and infinitely renewable source of electricity? 24 Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Sustainability We have heard the basic dictates of the UN Sustainable Development Goals charter: zero poverty; zero hunger; health, wellbeing, education and gender equality; clean water and affordable energy. Can we really say we are earning high marks for responsible, sustainable progress? Communities We need to tap the natural initiative of our small communities: for example, by negotiating partnerships instead of patronage to serve the corporate responsibility needs of large companies and multinationals. Community-based small business and nongovernmental organisations can contribute to the innovation and flexibility of big business. There are examples in many corners of our nation: we need to nurture and emulate them. Rejuvenative enterprise Rejuvenative enterprise depends on creativity and innovation that advances and updates sustainable industry and development. Below left Making a name for herself: Candice Caton, gospel singer/songwriter and granddaughter of Nelson Caton, one of the nation’s pioneer calypso composers. Below right Founder of the Plastikeep initiative, Rosanna Farmer is determined to build networks and educate communities on the importance of preserving the environment, recycling plastics, and making a lifestyle change towards sustainable living At the rate at which we consume goods and services, the recovery and re-use of waste should be a viable enterprise It will adapt systems and technology, but in the long run will reshape our very lifestyle and self-image, who we are and our place on the earth. Our future will depend on our willingness to relinquish what no longer serves us; and to embrace what serves not only humankind but the earth as a single ecosystem. Here are some areas of enterprise that are needed or trending today. Energy from the sun The cost of installing solar panels, for example, is falling as technology advances. Tobago might be the place where TTEC could introduce and promote alternative energy generation and supply, creating a model for a sustainable business of the future. The distribution system that has been installed over most of the country will facilitate the next step towards the use of renewable energy. Adam Mohammed courtesy CreativeTT/MusicTT abigail hadeed courtesy plastikeep 25 Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce

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